Chairman of the Central Committee of the Republican Party

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The most powerful person in the world, was George W. Bush, in 2008, who, since he is the Chairman, is also the President of the United States. The Chairman runs the Central Committee, also known as the Kenny Kuhn Klan, which runs the Party. The Party, in turn, runs the country as long as it is in power and when it is not, it focuses entirely on sabotaging efforts by the Democratic Party and others to improve the country and the world. Since the Republican Party is currently in power, it is unknown if the United States will ever have free and fair presidential elections again or, if so, when.

Unfortunately, however, it seems that the Democratic Party is made up largely of opportunistic weasels who are influenced, if not outright blackmailed, by the BS'ers of the Bony Skull Society which has fully merged with the Kenny Kuhn Klan. Jack Daniels Kennedy, the Democrat who ran against Bush for President in 2004, was clearly one such weasel.