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Second chances are common, but third chances are rare.

Chance is the possibility that something could happen, but it is not definitely going to. For example, if there is a 50/50 chance that someone is going to kick you or the person next to you in the face, then he will kick both of you, because he is a rebel and does not feel like following the rules of chance. Also, if there is a 25% chance that you will be chosen for something and you aren't, than chance is a worthless mathematical statement, similar to the problem; "x=y, find x"- x can be anything and y will be anything that x is. No different is chance, because whatever is chosen will be chosen, regardless of the chance that it will not be chosen.

Chance and Probability[edit]

One may argue that chance is the same thing as probability, as in they both predict the outcome of something by presenting the likelihood that something will happen, although if it does happen, it wasn't predetermined to happen by the predictor, and neither was the thing (or things) that didn't happpen. But, if you paid attention in your younger years of education, which is unlikely because if you did, than you would have found another hobby other than reading these articles, such as wood-munching, kitten-torching or perhaps undergarment vaporizing, all of which are respectable customs to those who are approached by time travelers. Chance is obviously superior to probability, regardless of what many people in the field of probabilitation may say, for their talk is as pointless as mine, maybe. But of course, when considering this, one must take into account all of the possible factors. There is one fatal flaw in this, however, because most of the factors took the Ford buyouts and retired to Wyoming, the most triangular territory. Therefore, to take all of these into account, you must use the following equation:

Chance and the Gaia Theory of Collective Consciousness[edit]

According to the Gaia Theory of Collective Consciousness, all the world shares the same brain, much like the Martians all tried to do when their civilization was about to die and what the scientists threaten the world leaders to believe or else they will let the global warming out of its cage. Al Gore stole the keys from the Vice-Secretary of Anti-Commerce, and he swallowed them, so now most of the free world is waiting for them to come out, and are guarding all other possible exits of the missiles. Chance relates to this theory because that would mean that the collective consciousness has a chance of not existing, but it also has a chance of existing. Therefore, if it does not exist, than chance has destroyed the chance that it does have a chance of existing, but if it does exist, than the chance has destroyed the chance that it does not exist, which is one of the reasons that the logic of chance is extremely logical yet flawed.

Chance and Time Travel[edit]

There is a chance that time travel isn't possible, but the time travelers of the alternate universe in which it is possible will go back in time and alter history to make it possible, therefore creating a predestination paradox and establishing themselves as gods among the primitive peoples, resulting in the eventual occurrence of Guy Fawke's Day, which has inspired numerous films and written works, one of which is not V for Vendetta. Therefore, Chance is the answer to the Predestination Paradox, is the key to blowing up fictionally portrayed actual places, and the real reason for the development for mankind in the past.

Chance and Nuclear War[edit]

The reason all the countries of the world haven't started a nuclear war is simple. Chance has manifested itself as a physical being (It is not known who this is yet, some hypothesize that it is the last person they expect, others say it is there person they expect the most but their flawed logic makes them shoot the guy hovering next to them due to the curse of anti-gravity) and held all the nuclear warheads and stuffed them into his open chest, and then disappeared into a yellow hole, which is not a black hole, a white hole, or anything, just a yellow hole, and it is not the sun. Anyway, when the society of cyborgs heard of this, they had to object, and they amassed the large armies of hydrogen against the world, resulting in the cyborg's banning from every McDonald's, which subtracted from their negative anti-pro business. Therefore, chance has had a great deal of influence on nuclear war, perhaps stalling the entire world from destroying itself and keeping us on this Planet until we kill all the wolves and let the rabbits overpopulate and let magicians and rabbits rule the government. We cannot let that happe, but if we continue to obey Chance, than it will. So it is a good idea to start writing that novel about the rise of the fall of the stabilizing of the mice kings.

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