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The author of this article was using a Chaos Emerald.
Don't do emeralds.

A Chaos Emerald is a shiny emerald but tries to disguise itself in a variety of colors, allowing the posessor of all 7 to turn Soup-er. Soup-er Cream will always fight her arch enemies, Lea & Perrins. Each emerald is composed of tiny bits of chao.

Sonic drew this picture of an emerald. A red emerald.

You can find a chaos emerald by following the three simple instructions:

1. Find a blue hedgehog. Should be pretty easy. They will always be found hanging around with yellow foxes and red echidnas.

2. Give it a ring. They really like shiny golden rings. A packet from Mace will do.

3. Roll it down a hill really fast, placing springs and robots along the way. They love spikes pointing straight at them, and enjoy jumping up trees to kill monkeys that throw bombs at them.

I found a Chaos Emerald! What do I do?[edit]


No, really?[edit]

Well, they double as everlasting batteries, and can be inserted into a transformers robot. Try feeding it to a puddle and see what happens.

Chaos Control[edit]

If the posessor of an emerald can use Chaos Control, they will be able to run really fast, stop a giant space colony from flying into earth, teleport, and shoot thunder beams from their hands

The Master Emerald[edit]

Companion to The Mistress Emerald, the Master Emerald is a bigger version of the green chaos emerald, as it is it's father, and is often stolen by giant talking eggs. It controls the Chaos Emeralds by means of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. It can be shut down by the 7 Chaos Emeralds or a red echidna will shatter it into millions of tiny pieces, then search for them again. This process usually re-occurs about every year or more.

Fake Emeralds[edit]

Flying yellow foxes can create fake chaos emeralds to be used as fridge magnets. The equation for the emeralds is:

 Chao + Diamond + Rainbow + A religious toilet = A Chaos Emerald

Note: If joined with other emeralds, it may turn into a lovely spotlight.

Emerald Theft![edit]

Over the years people have been obcessed with stealing the Chaos Emeralds. From pixelated forests, cute little blue birds and even a bat working for the government is on the act. Frankly, nobody knows why they want to become Soup-er so much.

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