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Charles Babbage (1715-1837) was the world's first computer nerd. He managed to accomplish this by inventing the Analytical Engine, Amiga and Induction Coil. The Analytical Engine was originally invented to play chess but it kept losing.

One friend of Babbage, David Hume, asked the Analytical Engine what was the Meaning of Life. The Analytical Engine responded, "42."

Babbage also invented the digital camera. After taking a few photographs of his penis, he took this self-portrait.

In 1831, Babbage created the Analytical Engine 2.0 which ran four times as fast as the first one. However, he found that it kept crashing every ten minutes.

His favourite colour was deep blue.

Charles died in 1837 because of a nasty bug, that bug could only be fixed with the win32.mydoom/patch. In the late 20st century, the scientist Stephen Hawking resurrected him to this world and Charles immidiatly began catching up everything that happend in his absence and the work on his Analytical engine V3.0.

Although better-known to history as the inventor of the computer, Babbage himself was proudest of inventing the cabbage in 1827.

It was in 1993 that he regained world fame with the Analytical engine V3.1, since he forgot to add a USB microwave and build-in radio in his previous version.

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