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Charles Clarke is a British comedian well known for his wacky patter, jug ears and surreal routines. Many of his best loved sketches are performed as a character known as "Mister Evil", a bumbling would-be totalitarian politician whose attempts to justify his latest crazy scheme invariably turn logic entirely on its head. A collection of these sketches, including Asylum Policy, Repatriation To Zimbabwe and the hilarious Justifcation for ID Cards, with its brilliantly surreal punchline "they will be a bulwark against the Big Brother state", was nearly released as a CD in 2005.

Charles Clarke, as he appears on his prototype ID Card

One of Charles Clarke's most outrageous stunts has been to repeatedly infiltrate parliament itself, even managing to deliver his routines from the government front bench - apparently without other MPs noticing their inherent absurdity.

His latest stunt has provided viewers of BBC Parliament and The Daily Politics with hours of entertainment when he released millions of prisoners back into society. When grilled by the opposition and with the government looking on dispair, Charles delivered his famous "What can I say, but ooops!" line. This pinnicle moment came at just the right time to save the government from totally losing in the 2006 local elections after the John Prescott scandal.

However, viewing figures for Mr Clarke's latest project - The Charles Clarke Show - have dropped from 389 million world wide to just 5, namely the show's camera crew, after two weeks and was subsequently axed after a third week when the show failed to attract a single camera operator for the duration of the show, with many citing bird flu as the primary cause of absence. Parliament Studios (A Viacom Company), who produced the show, admit there were several flaws with the set up of the show including the poor impersonations and thieving of catchphrases from other sketch show characters. These include "Am I bovered?" from The Chris Moyles Breakfast Show;