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Don't be fooled by his charming smile - the man is a demon.

Charles Murray (1943-2019) hates black people. His evil mind uses facts and logic to corroborate his theory. Which is by itself proves that he is evil. Who defend ideas with logic besides evil people?!? That's not a pointless Kanye West reference - Murray hates black people to the God damn death, as he has proven his points on Blacks using scientific methods! This is an infamy!


Murray probably went to a private school in his youth, where he was inevitably observed society and, as a consequence, socialized into racist beliefs such as that black people are bad. As a teenager, he frequented hangouts for rare non-blacks teenage delinquents, which is pretty hypocritical. Just pick them at random! He received a BA from Harvard, a low-budget and highly unreliable university in Iowa where he grew up. He then went to Thailand to spend his time partying hard. There he met an Asian bride called Suchart Dej-Udom, who he was married to for a while. Now comes a question: why she was not black? I said, he is evil! But he got divorced, showing further hypocrisy. At some point he became a leading member of the New Right, a conservative political movement which promotes being white and male. Murray eventually became a political analyst, when he became worried his life was not adequately bland. Most of his work revolves around hating black people, Racism, decreasing welfare. He even condemned his state for babysitting blacks with food stamps. Can you believe? Foods stamps are free idiot!!!

Political and social views[edit]

Murray's views can be summarized with a few main points.

  1. Divorce, single parents, teenage pregnancy, and other deviant family forms, are all the Devil and make their children more likely to be criminals.
  2. Families of black people are very often like those described above, indeed 75% of Black children are born in a fatherless household or do not live with their biological father and, on average, 1/3 of the Black male population will be in prison at some point is life. He misunderstands the simple fact that statistics are not meant to be used in any academic debate.
  3. Blacks males also commit seven times more crime that white males, but this he missed, which points out his poor academic skills.
  4. This is why black people are evil and mostly criminals (it is wrong, it is actually only one third (of males)).


Charles Murray helped some other Nazi to publish a book called The Bell Curve. The book was about intelligence (or lack of intelligence of a few...), and the socio-economic reasons why dumb people should be gassed. Among its chapters was one, 'Race and Intelligence', in which Murray scientifically proved that black people are on average stupid. As if stupid people care about science! He missed the point, obviously!

Other work[edit]

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  • Beyond Probation: Juvenile Corrections and the Chronic Delinquent - co-authored with Louis A. Cox, Jr. (Sage Publications, 1979)
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  • The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life, with Richard Herrnstein, (1994) ISBN 0029146739
  • What it Means to be a Libertarian, Broadway Books (1997) ISBN 0553069284
  • Income Inequality and IQ, AEI Press (1998) PDF copy
  • The Underclass Revisited, AEI Press (1999) PDF copy
  • Human Accomplishment: The Pursuit of Excellence in the Arts and Sciences, 800 B.C. to 1950, HarperCollins (2003) ISBN 006019247X
  • In Our Hands: A Plan To Replace The Welfare State, AEI Press (March 2006)


Charles Murray died in 2019. He first received bomb threats after publishing Mein Kampf. However these were only carried out after he published his marginally more racist book that became controversial among non-white people. He was missed among his friends in the Klan.