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“The number one rule: Charles ALWAYS has to be in charge!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Charles in Charge
Charles taking charge of some sexy suspenders.

Charles in Charge is a sitcom in which the main character, Charles (played by Scott "sha-wiinnngg" Baio) moves in with the Pembroke family as a housekeeper, baby-sitter, friend of the children, and sex slave. He attends college and deals with real life problems like girls, chores, shenanigans, and chlamydia.


Charles/Scott Baio

Buddy Lembeck/Willie Aames

Gwendolyn Pierce/Jennifer Runyon

Jason Michael Pembroke/Michael Douglas

Jill Pembroke/Julie Inmymulie

Stan Pembroke/James Widdoes

Lila Pembroke/Anita Dyck

Douglas Pembroke/Jonathan Ward

Stanley Willard/ Ben Stein

Jamie Powell/ Nicole Eggert

Lila Sawyer as the friendly neighborhood drunk driver.

Charles in Charge After Years[edit]

Scott Baio spun on a downward spiral after the last episode of Charles in Charge. An already avid heroine user, Baio began selling his body on the streets for coke and ecstacy. Willie Aames went on to become "Bibleman."

Posterbibleman.jpg Nicole Eggert joined "Baywatch." We always knew she was a whore.

Lila joined the show in 1991 to kill the crappy sitcom genre forever. Unfortunately,her plan backfired!

Theme Song Lyrics[edit]

New boy in the neighborhood,

Lives downstairs and its


He's there just to take good care of me,

Like he's one of the family.


Charles in charge,

Of our days and our nights.

Charles in charge,

Of our wrongs and our rights,

And I said,

I want,

I want Charles in charge of me.

The writer of the song later killed himself on the set of Charles in charge. Many claim it was his deep secret love for Scott Baio that drove him to suicide.

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