Charlie's Angels

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neek squad. Serra was astounding. Not only was she incredibly sexy, she was already at the rank of High Archangel and had not just two, but six wings! Having already recruited his first member, and an excellent one at that, Manson was extremely confident about his developing army. Shortly thereafter, Charlie met the other two members of the classic Charle's Angels line up: Squeaky and "Sexy" Sadie Atkins. Squeaky and Sadie were slightly less astounding.

The Fall of the Angels[edit]

Armed only with Buck knives and a copy of the White Album, Charlie's Angels were substantially unprepared for just how hard it would be to fight God. Apparently, the fucktards forgot that God has the power to smite them at any moment he wishes. Also God was very good friends with the District Attorney of Los Angeles and then Governor Ronald Reagan, which would be important during the trial phase. So, as soon as the angels all got armored up and began their march toward God's throne, weapons in hand, God simply smote them. Almost everyone was out of the battle after this incident, except Serra. Serra was smart enough to wear her Enchanted Breastplate of Smiteproof, which gave her immunity from being smitten, even from God - - who really liked her a lot and just wished she would give him a chance.

The South will Rise Again[edit]

“The South will rise again!!”

~ Rednecks on Charlie and charlie's Angels

Not everyone in heaven was so happy about Charlie's Angels losing their war against God. Amongst these were the angels living in Southern Heaven. South is actually an acronym for Serra Over & Under the Heavens, implying that Serra should be the one to rule the heavens. This confused some people, since oliver eyres-betts was originally the one who wanted to take the throne of heaven from God. It makes sense, however, when you realize that people naturally want sexy women to rule over them rather than gross dudes. Take Hillary Clinton, the 42nd president of the United States for example, who unfortunatlely did not win.