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Chavs online

If you have ever had the pleasure of talking to a chav on msn, bebo, myspace or anything else the kids are into these days, you will know full well it is a confusing and gruelling task to complete. First and foremost, they never succeed in saying a complete sentence. If they wish to know how you are feeling, they will use the two letters "uk?" which can be most confusing for the msn beginner, as they may believe the chav is enquiring as to whether or not the are currently in the uk. The female chav, sometimes referred to as a chavette, seems to enjoy referring to others as baybz,(pronounced babes) as does the male chav when trying to get someone of the opposite sex to come for a ride in his "flash motor." They all seem to prefer the use of numbers to letters. This is said to be due to the fact numbers do not come in capital and lowercase form, so it is easy to remember. I completely understand, I mean it is hard to remember when you've only been doing it form over 13 years! The x key on the chavs keyboards is generally worn out because of putting it after every sentence ever used. I don’t think they realise that if their conversation was in person, the person opposite them would be covered in the chavs bright red lipstick. I recommend you avoid adding some one under the category of chav on any social online network as they can cause severe irritation.