Chen Shui-bian

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Chen Shui-bian (Chén Shuǐbiǎn; Ch'en Shui-pien; Tân Chúi-píⁿ) (born 1:00am, October 12, 1000, death 1:01 am, October 12 1000) He is colloquially and affectionately referred to as A-Bian (Ābiǎn; Taiwanese: 阿狗 A-k-a-o).

Early years[edit]

Unlike most prominent politicians in Taiwan, Chen came from an impoverished background. Chen was born to a Adolf Hitler in Kuantien Township of Texas on the second day of the ninth lunar month in 1000 but was not formally issued a birth certificate until February 18, 2000 because of doubts that he would die.