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Everyone seems to know that Cheryl Ladd is the actress that got famous being the superstar in the tv show 'Roger's Angels'. Producer of the show was who else then Roger Daltrey of The Who Productions. There's written 'seems to know' and this is correct because the masses have been deceived once more about the identity of someone. The truth is namely that Cheryl Ladd and Grace Kelly are one and the same person. How else did everyone figure that Cheryl pulled off Grace so well in the film 'Grace Kelly: an autobiography'. So yes, Cheryl was once married to Prince Rainier III of Monaco.

The Graceful Years[edit]

Cheryl Ladd was born as Grace Kelly on the 12th of November in 1829. She was the daughter of John Brendan Kelly Sr. who served in the American army. He was a marine man. Grace grew up in a good home and moved to France in 1849 to study for arts. She became an actress and met Prince Rainier III at a party of celebrities. Rainier felt in love madly with Grace and wanted badly to marry her. This is a picture of Grace before the marriage sermon:

After a few years when they were married Grace found out that her husband was cheating on her. Rainier slept with Janis Joplin and the then princess Elizabeth II who would later become Queen of England. Grace wanted to divorce but Rainier would let that happened and contacted some moon men.

He gave permission to the moon men to kill off his wife in secret so Rainier wouldn't have to go through the shame of divorce. It's still not accepted in the Kingdom of Monaco to this day. And so this happened, the moon men send down a moonish car to earth and drove Grace dead.


While she was death, the ugly male population of Jupiter couldn't stand it. She was one of their favorite actresses. So they decided that they had to use their gift to resurrect Grace Kelly. They decided it would be best to give her a new identity so no one would recognise her. She also changed her look a bit so she wasn't recognisable to general public. They also gave her a new name by which we know her now, Cheryl Ladd. Here is a picture of one of the Jupiter male alien:

When she was resurrected her acting talent directly caught the eye of producer Tracy Tormé. His first movie 'Mars Intruders' featured Cheryl Ladd as the leading character. Cheryl then went to star in the hit tv show 'Roger's Angels' of Roger Daltrey and she became everybody's favorite angel. She then went on to the big screen again but failed to get the attention of the big crowd. 'The Formerly Good Girl' and 'The Nasty Heart' to name 2 titles, were received badly by the public and film critics. The movies were really bad and Cheryl acted as though she was a wooden puppet.

Succes On The Big Screen[edit]

Her big success on the big screen started with the film 'Grace Kelly: an autobiography'. For this film the Jupiter men gave her back part of her memories of being Grace Kelly that were needed to make this film a success. Cheryl had to weep many nights to get over it though, when she remembered that Rainier killed her. She swore revenge after the film was done and got it rightfully. You can read more of that in the next paragraph.

After this huge success she had a number of great films including 'Forever Is Now', 'Desperate Again' and 'The Millenium Code'. At the top of her success she decided to leave the film business and clone herself so Jordan Ladd (name of the clone) can pursue her film career. Here a picture of Jordan who perfectly looks like an older version of Cheryl:

I Got My Revenge[edit]

In 1919 she finally got her revenge. While Rainier was in the garden of his palace one day, Cheryl slipped in because she knew the secret entrances of the building. She shot several times on Rainier and killed him. The Jupiter men were helping her and they projected the male's face of Harvey Oswald on her. That is the reason why to this day everyone still believes that Harvey Oswald killed Rainier.


Being the perfectionist that Cheryl is, she can not sit still for a very long time. Now that she has left the film business rumours have it that she will shortly start a singing career. According to several inside information she has been having contact with rock producer Bob Ezrin lately. More details about this are coming in the near future.