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Chevon was invented in a Mexican counterfeit sneaker warehouse by Old Boot. Chevon is the official dessert of German Lesbians and crackheads hiding in the Southern United States, taking over from Ass Crust. Chevon is the product that is produced when mixing cheese with devon, creating a chemical reaction, resulting in Chevon. This It has been best described as looking like Barbara Streisand's reproductive organs (doodle and fenny).

  • The scientific formula for creating chevon is C6O2N4+H2O+Cat=Ch3V0N
  • Not to be confused with syphillis
  • Closely related Claire's butter tarts


Exerpt from Old Boot's diary:

25th December 2005

Dear Diary

This morning i woke up to find a Japanese midget snorting coke off my penis, so i emptied my milk inside of him and went to work. There was an unusual smell to work today, kind of like anus and fetus patties. I got to my station and began with making counterfeit sneakers to sell to Jewish Hitler. I began daydreaming a woke up to find that i had made a mess of the sneaker i was working i ate tasted devony, yet cheesey. I soon realised that i had invented a revolutionary dessert, quite suitable for German Lesbians too kill off that damm Ass Crust that has been sweeping the nation. I decided to call it Chevon. I then rode an Asian to the brothel and inserted an Anaconda into my butt until it bit my prostate.

Life after creation[edit]

Chevon is used in many German brothels as lubricant and by foot fetishists as massage oil. It became the official dessert of German lesbians when Charlie Brown alleged 'ate penis' driving German lesbians to replace their traditional Ass Cream for Chevon. It was Quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks for a small period of time, only to be replaced by a cunt rash.


  • Dessert
  • Lubricant
  • Massage Oil
  • Quarterbacking
  • Eating crud
  • Taking a dump on 20+ Russians
  • Curing Aids

Just for the Record[edit]

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