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“I'm Chevy Chase and you're not”

~ Chevy Chase on Himself

“I'm glad he's Chevy Chase and I'm not”

~ Oscar Wilde on Chevy Chase

“In Communist Russia...You're Chevy Chase and he's not!”

~ Russian on Chevy Chase
Chevy Chase getting arrested. Now are you glad that he's Chevy Chase and we're not!

Birth and Pre-SNL[edit]

In early 1943, Reginald Chase was returning from fighting in World War II in Germany. His somewhat Jewish appearance caused him to get captured and put in a concentration camp. Reginald attempted to survive by acting silly and pretending to be funny, or at least he thought he was funny. It was this life story that Reginald passed down to Chevy that Chevy used to write his frat-boy comedy La Vita e Bella. Once they realized Reginald didn't have the traditional humor or good writing skills of the common Jew, they released him. When Reginald returned to the United States, he met a young Amish woman named Sarah who was expelled from her community for being stubborn and too boring, even for the Amish. They had unprotected relations early in February, and Chevy Chase burst forth from his cocoon sometime late in 1943, or '43 as they used to call it at that time.

Chevy was noted as talentless from the early weeks of his life, as even his parents grew tired of his shenanigans quickly. They lived just northwest of Washington, D.C. in a small developing suburb that was named Harbison. Unfortunately, Chevy's lack of talent and humor was so severe that many crops in the area died, wells dried up, and bad fortune befell all who walked upon the land. The government eventually bought up the land, condemned it, and named it Chevy Chase, Maryland. The town was actually used in Chase's 1991 film Nothing But Trouble. It was meant to be a comedy, starring Chase, Demi Moore, John Candy, and Dan Aykroyd, but unfortunately, the presence of such destruction actually sucked all the comedy out of the movie. John Candy never fully recovered from the film, and in 1994, died when someone recalled seeing it in his presence.

Chevy's life was a difficult one. Chevy Chase became so distraught he would commonly say "I'm Chevy Chase, and you're not" since no one recognized him. Even his own relatives wouldn't give him presents.

He was a drummer and cowbell player for the band Steely Dan, but he was kicked-out of the band when they found out he had no Steely Dan unlike the other members of the band.

"My Old School" was dedicated to Chevy Chase.

Live from New York!...[edit]

Chevy Chase was a member of Saturday Night Live for only a year since they found out that the other were not Chevy Chase. And since they weren't, he got fired and wound-up playing drums with Nilsson.

After 1979, Chase would be a golfer and played one in "Caddyschack" with Bill Murray, Rodney Dangerfield, and Ted Knight who got killed by Dangerfield in 1986.

The Vacation Years[edit]

Paul Simon is glad that he's not Chevy Chase either!

In 1983, Chevy Chase would claim his fame in "National Lampoon's Vacation" where he took his family to Wallyworld and it was closed for a year!

This film is actually Chevy Chase's vacation videos. He just used Clark W. Griswold as a character, but he really did tie-up his relative on top of his own car!

After his first Vacation film, Chevy Chase did "European Vacation" and "Christmas Vacation". In the European Vacation, Chase (AKA-Griswold) visited England, France, Germany, and Italy after dressing-up as a pig on a game show "Pig in a Poke" which was on between 1985 and 1986.

"Christmas Vacation" was another video that Chevy Chase did in his own home!

"Vegas Vacation" was another video that Chevy Chase did, but many people have never seen it!

Chevy Chase Show[edit]

Now Chevy Chase wished that he wasn't Chevy Chase after his talk show!

In 1993, after making a movie with Dan Aykroyd,John Candy, and Demi Moore called "Nothing but Trouble" (Originally called "Nowhereland Vacation"), Chevy Chase was offered a deal with FOX to have a Late-Night show called..."The Chevy Chase Show".

The show didn't do well on Earth, even his own Super Bowl commercial kicked him out. But in an alternate universe...Probably Uranus, the show still lives on!

Bush vs. Chase[edit]

In 2000 and 2004, Chevy Chase had a Pay-Per-View fight with George W. Bush and STILL lost.

After the fights, Chase called Bush a "dumb fuck". Bush just said "I'm NOT Chevy Chase, but you are"!

In 2008, Chase said that he beat-up George Bush III in a TKO.

He's Chevy Chase, you know![edit]

Nowadays, Chevy Chase lives in Valkenvania, New Jersey. Dan Aykroyd was invited to join him some years ago, but Aykroyd responded with "Who the fuck gave you my number?"