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~ Jewbacca on everything

Pope Luisa Chevrolet Impala Di Maio Warrior Ron William Jeremy Fugioshi Chewbacca-Jewbacca Hasselhoff Schwarzenegger IV, (disgraced former captain of the RMS Titanic and depicted fictionally by actor Peter Mayhew) was born to Wookie Goldberg and George W. Bush in around 235 years time, and is the younger brother of the renowned comedian Jerry Seinfeld and the eldest son of Bob Dylan and Adolf Hitler's Step-headed red child. Maybe even related to Chewybocco and Chewboccio. He gained instant fame when he managed to catch a greased pig, ride it all the way to Paris and make a time machine which he named "the Eiffel Tower." He then rode his greased pig to anusland, lent it to the current Maharajah, Mahatma Ghandi, and ran a marathon all the way to Florida where he saved a porn magazine from an rapist, robbed a pantie store, kicked a fat lady, and captured a pikachu with his renowned chode salad taunt.He used his masterball on this very yellow pikachu with a very fine and smooth rectum. Not the Possum that some have thought to have previously thought. He has a son named Lumpy. Lumpy was a very mental child when he was young. He made a sex move called the Jibba JuJu Upside down sit. Where would yu come up with this? Only a sex prived child.

This last offence made him a wanted fnord man in America as it was the national bird of the country at that time. The national bird has since been changed to the mighty duck. Chewbacca then walked backwards all the way to Russia where he invented Stalingrad, burnt toast, and of course, Walmart. Chewbacca was at one time the most notorious murderer in the world. On November 22, 1963, in a fit of rage, Chewbacca swooped down and shot John F Kennedy in the face 40 times at point blank range as well as kicking that other guy who died. When the police finally cornered Jewbacca in a dark alley in western jewland, he beat them all senseless with his small and shaved shlong. He persuaded the authorities to frame an innocent Mentally Challenged man named Bruce Wee, allowing Jewbacca to get away and run free with his drugs. also he was the king of France for a brief period but had to leave after a scandal with a duck came to light. Also during a brief mid-life crisis he and Jaba the hut started a figure skating team.

Jewish stuff
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Han Solo seems to be Chewbacca's partner in crime, and part of some Gay Marriage, who helps Chewbacca to eat someone's balls.They were last spotted in Yellowstone National Park, where a troop of Boy Scouts have been reported missing for eight days. Chewbacca is well known for drinking way to much on one occasion he was pulled over while driving the Millenium falcon he was found to be 20 times over the limit and completely shaved, he was also found by police in an alley behind a porno theatre snorting a bottle of soy sauce, before collapsing in his own filth and turning inside out.


It is said that Chewbacca is Jewish, hence the name "Jewbacca", but it is believed that that is an alias, and his true religion is that of Star Trek thus his name being Chewbacca. A lawsuit is in progress of which George Lucas is suing Chewbacca because he claims "Chewbacca was let on the team because he did not belong to our religious competitor. But he lied, and his line in Star Wars IV 'Rargh rargh Ugh Rarghah' was supporting the Star Trekian belief that women should speak in Church".


Chewbacca has become a popular model for Head and Shoulders

As his religion demands, Jewbacca is an extremely wealthy jewellery and media tycoon. He owns at least three trees, or at least only three have been cleared by the Department of Transportation. If he has more, he hasn't told anyone about them yet.

However he has told people of his plans to mate all three yachts into one superyacht and cruise the worlds in style. He plans to have this project done sometime in 1984, but is not certain because no one seems to know where to find the money to pay for the project, despite his massive jew wealth.

When completed, the super yacht will take up the entire Mediterranean sea and will still only weigh half as much a Rosie O'Donnell. It will include one 2400sq ft living room, 20 bedrooms, and 303 bathrooms placed at three foot intervals for those sudden emergencies and parties that include "special" brownies. The combined water flow of all 303 toilets flushing at the same time would be enough to flood the entire area of Mecca. The yacht will be completely powered by green energy gathered from 30,000 genetically engineered hamsters running on exercise wheels 24/7. When in flight, the yacht can reach speeds up to 7.2 miles per day; needless to say it's super speed lets you party on many worlds in a short space of time. Though the use of such powers is not condoned by the Vatican, who claim that such speed can only be obtained by God, Jewbacca doesn't seem to mind, probably because he is a Jew.

Recently Chewbacca is well known for his wildly popular and extremely sugary and unhealthy cereal known as "Wookie Crisp". After being accus[[ed of copyright infringement by the makers of 'Cookie Crisp", Chewbacca decided to settle the case out of court by beating them all senseless.

When beating them senseless failed, Chewbacca used his infamous and patented defence known as the "Chewbacca Defence" first made popular by the educational children's show on PBS, South Park. This tactic involves summoning Domo-kun then dividing by zero. It is well documented that this attempt in winning the lawsuit was successful, but unfortunately the universe asploded requiring him to spend all of his money on getting Bob The Builder to repair it. But because Chewbacca was known to be a Jew, Bob, being related to Adolf Hitler decided to kill Chewbacca. Bob was then eaten by a grue and Chewbacca was resurrected by Domo-kun, who adored his Wookie Crisp.

Big Feet[edit]

Chewbacca goes camping on vacation.

He is currently living in the American woodlands living under the alias of "Big Foot"; concurrently studying alongside Rabbi Pedro. He had to escape because he was kicked off his planet for telling small children to assassinate the president. Every year during the last 2 weeks of June people across the world celebrate Hidden Chewbacca Day where they exchange media-related gift items such as Speed Racer tapes. Unfortunately, everyone who even dared to lay eyes on the Speed Racer tapes were cursed to die in seven days unless they could find seven people in six days, in five different countries to preform the peter-panda dance for them. But that is a story for another time.

Chewbacca's has had several duis'

Darth Vader's Successor[edit]

Taken the name "Chewbacca-Jewbacca John Smith, Jewbacca assumed rule of the Sith in 2002. He has given his condolences to his predecessor, Darth Vader, upon hearing that he died on February 8, 2007. He assumed the role of Pope after the death of Pope BendtheDick, despite him being Jewish.

His Holiness, Popebacca.

Chewbacca is notorious for his gurgly growl, proven in some independent studies to drive perfectly sane chimpanzees out of their minds (though most of those monkeys were blind and on drugs as well as being modified by an idiot obsessed with Ben Jackson. Chewbacca has been made into a 2-foot tall Pez dispenser (retail price approx. $20) but because of his Wookie powers, the Pez which the machine dispenses are regular-size. Chewbacca makes it happen.It is unknown whether Chewbacca is still alive or not. When he took over for Darth Vader he hired several body doubles just in case someone would try to assassinate him. There have been several attempts on his life, but it is believe that his still alive and live on planet earth going by the name Cassandra Ortiz.

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