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The Chewie Language is a universal language for social interaction between people from different countries speaking different languages. It comes from Chewbacca of the Star Wars movies(C) and the language he speaks.


The Chewie Language had its routes in the late 1980s, in South africa. It is believed that the first words were developed by the great "Burg-Burg" also known as "Burgert from the bush". It was invented initially as a way to communicate with his cute Rottweiler and Labrador, and the first word coined was Yinn Munn! After his Masters degree he went to Germany to start with his Ph. D. Here he started to spread this language to the people around him. His first students "Chewie", "Supertux" and "Yinn-Munn-I fear-so" started to improve the language and spread it all over the world. The cutest part of the language was developed in germany : when Lars was squeezed in his arm, and hung his head down with the corresponding aaaawwwwwgggghhhhh. Since then when ever someone gets squeezed on the arm and told Yinn Munn, you must hang your head down and go aaawwwggghhhh :-) YINN MUNN !

In 2009 there was a workshop in Lekeitio, Spain, where the language was established in the scientific society. Since the participants came from all over the world they needed a language between them for social interaction at the local bars. Two new main persons, "Chewie from the city that doesn't exsist" and "Rajesh", developed some new phrases. Since "Chewie from the city that doesn't exist" is a mathematician, the language was organized and put into a logical context. Since that workshop, there are many phrases that are new and are only allowed if they are in agreement with the axioms, which is the basis the language. Many phrases are also adopted from internet slang.

The universal word[edit]

The universal word in this language is "Yinn Munn!". It is a phrase, which can be used for everything and it depends on the intonation what it means. Normaly it is used for the happy part in the language. A statistical examination showed that from 100 uses, it is used:

  • 43 times for "Hello, how are you?" or just meow
  • 22 times for "Cheers"
  • 18 times for " I am happy!"
  • 12 times for "Yes you are right!"
  • 5 times for other meanings, like "I had great sex last night.", "That girl did a great blow job!", "I will do her!" and so on.

The Great Chewie Language Axioms[edit]

  1. Every male person is known as "Mister Chewbacca" until you had a beer with him, then you may call him "Chewie".
  2. Every female person is called by her name, because it is unpolite to forget a woman's name, and there are no female wookies.
  3. If something happens to a Chewie, one of the others Chewies have to ask him "How does Chewie go, if this happens?".
  4. There are three options to answer:
    1. "He will go like Aaaargggggghhhhhhwwwwwww!", if it was bad.
    2. "He will go like Gggggrrrrrrrggggggg!", if Chewie is indecisive.
    3. "He will go like YINN MUNN!", if it was really great.
  5. If somebody has done something and he is out with his Chewies the Chewies choose if this was "Win!" or "Fail" the majority decides what it is!
  6. Sometimes a simple "Fail!" is not enough, the you have the option to call it an "Epic Fail!" or an "Armageddon Fail!".
  7. If something bad happens to you, then just say "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!".

Further Phrases[edit]

There is a large variety of other phrases, which are part of the language. All depend on the intonation so that they can be interpretated. It is also allowed to mix different well known languages to get new phrases. Chewies, who mix up the languages in a reasonable and convienent way, are known for their "epic language mixing skills". Some examples for other phrases are:

  • "You are cute and you know it!"
  • "She's so cute and she knows it!"
  • "I'm not Chewie, Lars is Chewie!"
  • "Bug, Bug!"
  • "Yinn Munn I fear so!"
  • "THAT ASSS!"

It might be that Burgert goes back to the bush: but he hopes that the langauge continues in cute little bonn. YINN MUNN