Chicken McNuggets

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“These were better before they changed them”

~ Average American on 100% White Meat
Some nuggets relax together

Chicken McNuggets are, unbeknownst to the McDonalds McCorporation itself, the answer to life, the universe and everything. Upon consumption of the first ever McNugget in 1867, Ronald McDonald had an epiphany. He decided to record all of his nugget-induced thoughts for the benefit of humanity, a collection of writings which have become popularly known as the Communist Manifesto. There has been widespread debate as to what extent the Cold War was fought for nugget-related reasons.

Karl Marx and the barbecue sauce[edit]

In 1927, barbecue sauce was invented. Karl Marx was famous for getting this sauce all over his beard. Ronald disapproved of this, severing all ties with the communist movement and creating the controversial Hitlerburger. A few years before Karl Marx invented barbecue sauce, He invented Mayonnaise. Mayonnaise was created by Karl Marx by accident after trying to create Butter. Karl's secret ingredient in barbecue sauce is mayonnaise.

Things people like about chicken nuggets[edit]

  • Disgusting Chicken
  • Cheap packaging
  • So Called genuine chicken-type meat products
  • Boris Johnson
  • The chicken bones inside!(surprise!)
  • If you find your McNuggets to be runny, don't worry it's just llama drool, they use the pack animals to bring the McNuggets over from McJapan
  • They aren't made in China.
  • made From Children in cambodia
  • made by the friends of the children in cambodia
  • or the cookie monster
  • Mcdonalds have fired ronald and bought in mcjaguar.

Responsible for 9/11?[edit]

Some commentators, such as God, have suggested that it was a box of Chicken McNuggets which were actually responsible for the collapse of the Twin Towers. Physicists argue that the weight of six nuggets would simply have not been substantial enough to result in such a collapse, but others have noted that the addition of a seventh nugget by an overworked McDonalds employee may have tipped the balance.