Chicken separatists

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The banner of the Chicken Seperatists.

The Chicken separatist movement first began around 18fourty12, when a duck begin masquerading as an old hen. The majority of the hens that were residing in the coup that night where quickly onto this drop kick. Thusly the mallard was swiftly punted into touch, nearly resulting in a 40/20 which would have given the warriors possession in the final minute.

However this was not to be, the malards regrouped and quickly began to represent themselves as true foul. This was done in the traditional way, via throwing up gang signs and hitting switches.

The motto of the chicken seperatists from then on was to be 'Peep Game'. Throngs of young 'chucklings' as they came to be known would from then on throw down their dominoes in fits of rage and exclaim at the top of their wind sacks, 'PEEP GAME' you bill'less paedophiles. For more on chicken seperatists, see the Battle of Bucktown, or the storming of Fort Ding Dong.

The chicken separatists have known links to the radical Quebec Separatist Hippie Brigade and are frequently in support groups for nearly huffed birds (NHBs).

On October 2005, Chicken separatists attacked the city of Nose Cheek, Tomorrowland, Disneyland. For more information, see October 2005 Nose Cheek terrorist attack.