Chigley Assassin

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Mrs. Honeyman, Chigley's only convicted assassin

The county of Trumptonshire is generally a very peaceful place to live. It has a lovely rolling countryside, friendly people and a whole gentle aspect that harks back to the Golden Age of the early 1970s.

However, as with all things, there is a dark side.

Within Trumptonshire's boundaries there sits a hamlet called Chigley. Chigley has two items of note: it's home to Lord Belborough and the Chigley Assassins.

The Chigley Assassins are a group of gentlewomen who are occasionally called upon to brutally murder their fellow Trumptonshirites. They achieve this goal by stealth; a Chigley Assassin's skirts muffle any sound of approach and because the skirts are long, there is no distracting movement of leg to be seen.

The weapon of choice for the Chigley Assassin is the katana. This blade is disguised as a swaddled baby that the Assassin carries with them at all times. Women carrying babies in Trumptonshire are therefore greatly feared.

To date, only the murder of Windy Miller has been directly attributed to the Chigley Assassins. Usually, any suspicious death in Trumptonshire is quietly covered up. Only for the fact that Miller had relatives in London did a proper investigation take place, leading to the arrest and imprisonment of a Mrs. Honeyman.

(For legal reasons, it must be stated that this article in no way implies that Lord Belborough is the figurehead of the Chigley Assassins.)