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Childhood is the second of four virtual reality video games., realised in 1984 by Rome’s number one computer game maker, God Inc.

The game was generally well received but it is some what over looked when the sequel Teenage Years came out and it was established cheats such as Drugs, Alcohol and Orgies were available to enhance game play.

Taken from the back of the box[edit]

Childhood is a time of wonder, joy and exploration. A person will find this game much more enjoyable than the first game baby, and now has the freedom to directly interact with their environment. They do not yet have the worries and responsibilities of a teenager {Coming Out 1997). Childhood is often seen as a period of phenomenal growth, during which an infant can expand to the size of a small jetliner. Constant conflict with parents often fills childhood days, creating rich ammunition for future conflicts and justification for putting the folks in a retirement home when they get too old and bothersome. Growing children require mountains of food to sustain their growing bodies, and special enzymes produced at this time allow children to eat practically anything and still gain nutrition from it. During childhood, male children often become extremely violent, whereas female children often fall into a passive/aggressive mode that last the rest of their lives.

New level choices see female players frequently forced to tap dance, and male children are beaten until they join a losing sports team.