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Our story begins in brumary 1765, when french de-composer Jean-PiƩrre-le-Baptiste-du-Jour wrote his famous piece "Concerto in Earth Flat for Organ Donor part II - Electric Boogaloo". This piece provoked a wild cultural revolution that lasted for a couple of weeks in paris, in that year. At the same time, in the other side of the world - Germany - a professor of the University of Germania was writing an essay that would change the face of math for ever: "Why Math Is Better Than Art". Even tho he was murdered for writing this book, it was the first time the world ever hear of The Typewriter-Simian-Time Triangle, a problem proposed by the author. His name remains a mistery to this day.

The typewriter-simian-time triangle[edit]

According to the mysterious no-named professor, "if a bunch of chimps were thrown in a room with a couple of typewriters, over infinite time, they would probably write one of these stupid Shakespeare plays, because they're really easy to write, even a monkey could it - theatre is art, and art is for fags who can't count". This [be right back]