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Note: "chizdă" is Moldovan for "pussy", believed by many linguists to be the most common word in Moldovan language


~ Random citizen of Chişinău on mostly anything

“Quite a kinky little town, once one comes to peace with the fear of constantly being surrounded by these massive mob masses...”

~ Oscar Wilde on Chişinău

“Chişinău is to become The National Brothel, once Moldova becomes a part of Romania!”

~ Random Romanian unionist on Chişinău

Picture seen on the advertising flyers handed out in Romania, depicting the Planet of Moldova

Chişinău (also known as Little Bucharest, Little New York, Paris of the East), is the most important, also thought of as the capital city of Planet Moldova, the planet that the Sun orbits around.


Oldest piece of shit found in Chişinău, supposedly laid by Great Stephen himself

Legend has it that Chişinău was founded in 1465 when drunk Ştefan cel Mare(Great Stephen), king of Moldova at that time, shot an arrow and ordered his men to build a shitter("romanian/moldovan "căcăstoare", toilet) where the arrow had fallen.

The Great Fire of Chişinău (1660) burned down most of the shit that had been accumulated over the two centuries since foundation, but as archeological digs revealed, oldest pieces of crap are intact.


State Museum of Modern Art is one of the fundamental institutions in Moldovan culture.

One of the most valuble pieces of art in the museum, "Eternal Rest" by Vladimir Voronin: