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Choi Bounge, otherwise known as Freddy Krueger's better-looking cousin (though you have to admit, Freddy has more charisma), is a regular of The King of Fighters's Korean Team, led by Kim Kaphwan. Choi is famous for slicing up teenagers, chopping up beauties, wishing he was taller, mocking Kim behind his back (which he shouldn't really do) and hanging out with his big fat buddy Chang Koehan.

Humble Beginnings[edit]

Choi's childhood has never been mentioned much. One can only say that the man was disciplined from a very early age, given the fact that he was skilled a cutting things not limited to paper, wood and flesh.

During his adolescent years, Choi was mercilessly teased because he suddenly stopped growing. Thankfully for all of us, he buried this grudge by going back to his love: cutting stuff up. As substitutes to actual victims, Choi spent his time chopping meats in his local butchershop. Eventually, he began to enjoy it and people actually praise him for his craft. Still, a midget joke gets loose from his patrons' mouths every once in a while, but he didn't mind.

Life of Crime[edit]

One day a big fat guy named Chang appeared in Choi's shop. Spying the man's prison wear and an iron ball as large as the butcher himself, Choi jokingly asked if he was "on the lam" and offered him fresh slices of mutton. Chang, at first perplexed at the butcher's height (then hospitality), took a liking to him and complimented him with the cheesy pun. Thinking his simple, disciplined and dirty lifestyle boring, the former cut-crazy dwarf joined the giant man on a series of mugging and robbing activities around Korea. Dubbed "Fat Man and Little Kruger", they were the perfect criminal duo, with Choi's small but agile body complimenting Chang's slow but big bulk.

Kim and the Korean Team[edit]

The day came however when the two became so cocky that they were easily arrested by the police, which was ok since Chang got out of prisons before. They didn't expect bumping into Kim Kapwhan, though. Given that "Fat Man and Little Krueger" were only experts at slugging and gouging people with their fists, they weren't prepared for Kim's lightning fast feet. After dropping to the ground facefirst from his fifteenth roundhouse kick, Chang and Choi were offered by Kim to join him as they take others on in the annual King of Fighters tournament, promising to set them free if he judged them "rehabilitated". Given Kim's short fuse, and the fact that duo's habit of saying things at the wrong time, Choi and his buddy got to be Mr. Justice's teammates for more than ten years (sad).

Though "Fat Man and Little Kruger" had been under rehab for a decade, they've had some perks with the deal. Choi gets to have a good reason for slicing people up, he's allowed to write back home to his wife, and the thought of the prize money (which Kim never ever accepts) strives them to work harder.

Choi's Height[edit]

Given that he stopped growing halfway through puberty, Choi developed a Napoleon Complex not unlike other people of his kind (see Edward Elric). This also manifested with his apparently high yet jolly tone of voice, which could get annoying if he wasn't on your side.

Though it seems like a curse to him (and everyone bigger than him), being short has several advantages. First of all, his height gives a unique take on the"crazy slashing guy" stereotypes in video games. Secondly, since the average KOF participant is about 4'6, his opponents have a hard time landing a straight punch at him without crouching down first (they can still kick him without trouble, though). Also, short guys like him have a lower center of gravity, which not only keeps him from crashing down from slide kicks easily, but enables him to do amazing stunts like spin like a buzzsaw on mid air.


Under Kim's training, Choi developed a unique martial arts style which combines Tae Kwon Do with his claws and speed. Being a former criminal though, he is not above ramming his sharp fist on your coccyx or climbing on your shoulders and scratching your face off like a cat. Yup, he's a decent guy.

  • Tornado Slicer and Whirlwind Monkey Slash - Choi spins around creating a mini-whirlwind
  • Spartial Separator - like Lt. Guile, Choi jumps in the air and performs a kicking slash on the opponent's chin.
  • Swooper Kick - like his boss Kim, Choi impales the opponent with his hard shoes while swooping like an eagle.
  • Tragic Monkey Trounce - Choi spins in the air like a compass which swoops at the opponent. A very economical move as he can perform this without wires, and better.
  • Twisting Flight Monkey Trounce - Choi spins like Blanka in midair and slices the opponent, all the while yipping maniacally. About halfway through this he might stop spinning and pounce.
  • Phoenix Talons - Choi gives the enemy a good slashing combo and finally a slashing uppercut, after which he taunts the audience and his sorry heap of an opponent.
  • True! Slicing Cyclone Slash - Choi's devastating signature move wherein he creates an ultimate tornado, complete with storm clouds. In the early KOFs he participated, this move actually drew in enemies and sliced them raw, which enabled Choi to kill anyone even the Bosses, with one hit. May have learned this while the butcher played Darkstalkers with Chang.
  • Fatal Evisceration - Choi jumps into the shadows and slices his unwitting opponents. The butcher regularly whines that Captain Kuro stole this move off him.



~ Choi while listening to Orange Range

“Bring what on?”

~ Choi when Mr. Karate told him to "bring it!"

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