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Christopher Michael Watson (1983 - ????) was born on Wednesday 25th May 1983 in the beautiful Cotswold spa town of Cheltenham. He is amazing and should be revered by all. He is about to embark on his greatest journey yet.

His Greatest Journey Yet[edit]

Chris and his friend Al have created a fake American singer/songwriter called Chad Dawson. They have written four songs together so far and when the fifth is written they are going to release an EP called Five Down, None To Go. With many superb links to the UK music industry due to their jobs, they are hoping to set the unsuspecting world ablaze with this parody singer.

Chad Dawson[edit]

Chad Dawson came about from Chris and Al's quest to write a song that sounded "pussy, kinda like you'd hear in Dawson's Creek". So they wrote a song called One Day After Another (All I Can Think Of...). This track was greatly loved by all of their friends (and some unaware radio listeners) so they decided to write some more. The resulting songwriting "fest" brought the world Jenny, Pebble On A Beach and On The Plane. Look out for more in the future......