Chrissy Kim

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Chrissy Kim

Chrissy Kim was born in Texas, because her mother worked corners down there. At the age of 3, she became the first Asian person to use a toilet. At the age of 4 she enrolled in Harvord and became a nuclear scientist only months after. In 1893 she invented the "Gloomabaton". Though no one knows what this device does, one thing is certain, ice cream jello is fat. A good friend of Chrissy, Kent Brosmen speaks of experiences with her.

"You know sometimes, after the anime conventions, her and I would eat hot dogs, then go fuck goats." - Kent Brosmen Wise words from a wise man.

Christina had 3 children by the age of 5.

First was her son Agnus Agnus had anger problems. ... and he was always saing ""

2 days after her son Agnus, Jipedo was born Jipedo shown here watching TV

And that's all three!

When Chrissy entered Law school in 1985 she blew the school up and became overlord of ice cream.

She controlled the bees and made them attack peoples butts.