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~ Fulcrum Agent #1 on the Intercourse


~ Fulcrum Agent #2 on the Intercourse


~ Fulcrum Agent #3 on the Intercourse


~ Fulcrum Agent #4 on the Intercourse

“If Edward Cullan had a child with Ugly Betty it would be Chuck.”

~ Tagline
He's so gay.
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Chuck is a year 2007 Spy-Drama-Comedy-Action-Superhero television series with main characters, some of whom are possibly the most annoying people in the history of network television. It all began when Chuck Bartowski, a 20-something nerd who got kicked out of some big, gay university for some stupid reason, gets a computer thrown into his brain by an email. This computer, known as "The Intercourse" contained every singly byte of information that the US government has on Russia and South Korea. The next day, he is just working his shift at an electronics store named "Buy More", clearly a rip off of "Best Buy". Along comes Vicky Vale, a sexy polish spy who does a terrible American accent. Chuck fixes her phone, but then she randomly disappears. That night, Chuck walks back to his house and is whacked in the balls when a ninja is trying to steal his computer. The ninja, later revealed to be a male stunt double posing as Vicky Vale dressed as a ninja, is looking for the intercourse, because she is a CIA agent working for the CIA with CIA counterparts. She was CIA. It was also revealed that her actual name was Sarah Walker. Well, Sarah Walker was actually a cover name for her true identity, but no one knows that.

Chuck and Sarah go out to dinner the night after, but then must run away when John Casey shows up. John Casey is an NSA agent working for the NSA with NSA generals and is involved in other NSA activity along with NSA people with NSA things. Casey the NSA man tried to kill Chuck, but Sarah wouldn't let him.

Eventually, a whole lot of shit happens, and then Casey, Sarah and Chuck form a team of secret spies that have a secret base beneath the Buy More, doing secret missions and having secret meetings with secret love affairs and secret sexy times. The only reason Chuck was on this team of spies is because he had the Intercourse in his head. If he did not have the Intercourse in his head, the show would not have a plot.

Oh, and did I mention that Chuck's brain occassionally does random 5 second montages when he sees certain things? Because that's kinda important.


  • Charles "Chuck" Irving Bartowski: Utterly useless in every fight until a sudden dose of computer awesome was probed into his ass via Ring Devices in season 3, Chuckles is the series tit-u-lar character. He is a Nazi, which explains his love for Sarah due to her blue eyes, blonde Hair and freakish Strength. He also has great skills with women, and he does this puppydog eyes thing to make all women love him.
  • John Casey: The most powerful Choir Boy to ever exist, he can shoot guns with more of a temper than every other trained soldier in the world making his bullets more painful. He is a bum father who ditched his wife and daughter for a job never to look back.
  • Sarah Walker: Lets be honest, which good-looking spy hasn't this one made out with? Chuck obviously loves her for her goliath like power and complete devotion to him. She used to be a butterface and sleep with Chuck's old college lover, Bryce Faakin. She dated every stallion guy before settling for Chuck after sleeping with everyone else, apart from John Casey. She is played by a polish-australian woman, and as a result, her fake american accent doesn't really begin to sound real until near the end of the second season.
  • Morgan "Grimes" Grimes: The most annoying character in the series, Morgan has been and continues to be a major pain in the arse. Although he occassionally does something useful or funny, most of the time he's just the annoying Best Friend to Chuck Bartowski who gets into a major pedicament every other episode. A particularly lethal Morgan predicament was the time he followed a group of gay terrorists into a secret underground CIA facility beneath his place of work, the Buy More.
  • Ellenor "Ellie" Faye Bartowski: An incredibly hot but also neurotic character who marries Devon Woodcock and is the only main cast member who doesn't know that her brother Chuck works for the CIA. Fans of the show anticipate the day that she finally learns that her brother is a spy, and that Harry Tang, Jill Roberts, Bryce Faakin, John Casey, Sarah Walker, Jenny McCarthy, Morgan Grimes, Devon Woodcock, John Larroquette and Scott Bakula all found out before she did. It is said that this may result in the birth of a female hulk.
  • Devon "Captain Awesome" Woodcock: Nicknamed Captain Awesome due to his banging the second hottest member of the main cast (the first is Bonita Friedericy), he is in every respect better than You. He is an athletic extreme sports doctor who good at everything apart from lying and having parents who aren't a complete pain in the arse.