Church of Avian Transcendence

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Official CoAT promotional photograph of the Great Cock in Florence.

A radical religion that branched off of Bahá'í, the Church of Avian Transcendence was founded by Jim Perdue in 1922. Perdue was inspired to split from the Bahá'í when he allegedly witnessed a vision of "a chicken as glorious as the sun, wearing a crown of flames, and dancing on the wing of of a B-52 bomber". Inspired by the "divine poultry, the Mighty Cock", Perdue kidnapped a van full of Bahá'í followers, did a quick reprogramming job, and started to preach the word of Cock. Perdue retains his position as Divine Spirtual Leader from the afterlife.

It is believed by the church's practitioners that by regularly consuming chicken meat, clucking, and encouraging the expansion of the church that you can eventually "transcend your meager human status, molt away your human shell like feathers, and become one with the Mighty Cock."

The outward symbol worn by all Avian Transcendists is the hentai. It is a symbol of their dedication to the Great Cock and its words of wisdom.