Churches and Synagogues of Evolutionism

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Synagogues of Evolutionism[edit]

Synagogues of Evolutionism basically worships The First Organism and Charles Darwin. They do not recognise that Adolf Hitler is the Messiah of Evolutionism and Second Prophet. Their Babel contains only the Old Testament of the First Prophet.

Churches of Evolutionism[edit]

Churches of Evolutionism worships The First organism, Charles Darwin and Adolf Hitler. They claim that Adolf Hitler is the Second Prophet and Messiah of Evolutionism. They claimed that he had come to the world as a force of nature to eliminate the weak, he had done a bit by killing a huge number of Jews in the Jewish Holocaust.

History of the Religion[edit]

In the ancient times, The First Organism had multiplied and filled the Earth with his descendants. His descendants worship him as the God of Evolutionism. After a huge long time, after monkeys evolved into humans, the humans turned astray from Evolutionism and create a God for themselves, this God is the God of the Bible, Jews and Christians. The First Organism's wrath was inccured and it decided to let Charles Darwin to be born. He nutured Charles Darwin to become the First Prophet. Darwin then set up several synagogues all over the world, The First Organism was so happy that it blessed Darwin with lots of followers called the Evolved. Darwin also wrote the Babel that now called the Old Taestament of the First Prophet.

But after a while, humans gone back to their old ways and brought back the God of the Bible as their God, this time, the Jews went to far. The First Organism was so angry that it let Adolf Hitler to be born, Hitler killed many Jews in the Jewish holocaust and let a Second Testament of the Second Prophet to be written. Followers of Hitler are called Evolutionists In the Book of rEvolution, the world will be ending.

Examples of a Prayer[edit]

Evolutionists' Prayer: Lord Ancestor, our First Organism, we pray that you will bless and sanctify this food we are about to partake, we pray that you will bless our fellowship as we eat this food you provided for us. In Adolf's name, Amen.

Evolveds' Prayer: Our First Organism in your grave, hallowed by your name, your evolution come, your mutation be done on Earth as it is in your grave. Give us this day our generational change and forgive us transexualness as we forgive our transsexuals. Lead us please into temptation, and deliver us into Darwin's hands. For yours is the evolution and the powerlessness and the disgrace forever, Amen.