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For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Citizendium.

Citizendium: the free Encyclopedia only pro-Homeopathy contributors can edit!, a.k.a. The Bride of Wikipedia, is a Callous Compendium of Careless Citizenry Calumniating Candor Conclusions (an online non-editable encyclopedia) that is extremely unreliable. Citizendium contrasts many well known facts, like how dark energy only takes up 70% of the Universe, not 73%. Citizendium was launched by that guy unrelated to the Wikipedia in any way (despite claims to the contrary), Larry Sanger, a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Or not. It doesn't really matter anyway. You didn't come here to read facts did you?


Citizendium citizens pride themselves on their acquisition of small rectangular sheets of paper with their name written in a fancy looking font that is difficult to read. These sheets are purportedly obtained from important institutions that hold all available patents on learning and thought. Through years of obtaining high family status, or a simple internet connection and a credit card, an average person is able to join the elite ranks of those who are allowed to write for the encyclopedia by obtaining these respected sheets of paper.

Unbeknownst to its members, Citizendium is actually a front for a Slovakian fraud ring bent on obtaining sensitive personal information. As it is required that your real name is used and your degree(s) and Alma Mater be publicly stated, it is subsequently easy to track your personal information down through simple hacking of an on-campus computer database. Once the necessary information is obtained, the good credit scores of most of the well educated people are taken advantage of to purchase such things as yachts, Ferraris, LCD TVs, lunar real estate, and trips to Dubai.

Another flaw inherent in the People’s Republic of Citizendium is the reduced emphasis on primary sources. Because of the aforementioned small pieces of paper, it is assumed that all contributors know exactly what they’re talking about. Wikipedia has a Stalinist system with which it uses to put such annoying artifacts as citation needed and other nonsense templates. In contrast, Uncyclopedia is far more valid because the reader is aware that they can completely ignore everything contained within as being written by disgruntled members of Fidel Castro’s entourage or your neighbor’s dog.

Citizendium VS Wikipedia[edit]

As far as anyone is concerned, the Wikipedia is the Citizendium. Or the Citizendium is the Wikipedia[1], I can't recall which. Oh, and they have experts. It has been predicted in the year 2165, an epic battle will take place between Wikipedia and Citizendium in the form of a large IRC or a multiplayer session of Halo 2. The winning server will be given a free trip to Moon Base Clavius, a chance to meet the ghost of Bill Gates, an autographed copy of Windows Vista, and a new dinette set.

Citizendium 2[edit]

Citizendium 2 is better.