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Civilization III, or "The Third Civilization", is an epoch that is to take place within the future. The "III", which is a Roman typographical error for the number "3", means that it has to be preceded by two more civlizations.

Civilizations: a brief overview[edit]

Since The Beginning of Time, man has wondered how to divide his time into epochs which are more comprehensive. God then announced that time is to be divided into two civilizations:

The First Civilization, or "Civilization I", started in approximately ~10000BC, which is the time of the invention The Shoulder Tap. The end of the First Civilization is marked by the invention of the Alphabet.

As the Alphabet was invented in 1066, the Second Civilization began. It has been lasting ever since, and many great events such as The Great War or The Dance Dance Revolution have taken place. Many are possibly to come, as the mankind is still in the Second Civilization as we speak.

The Third Civilization[edit]

The theory of the Third Civilization was invented by the world-famous historian Sid Meier in 1969. Meier believed that the epochs suggested by God are insufficient, and man needs another chance to redeem himself. The author of the theory speaks of such events-to-come as:

It is to be noted that Meier's Civilization Theory mostly concerns the future; it can not be proven to be wrong until the future arrives.

It has been recently confirmed that Civilization IV will be released sometime this year.