Gonorrhea Lectim

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This STD has been canonized by the Pope for its

blessed fight against the use of evil condoms.

Even children can catch it.

“Its the fastest and most efficient way to turn your urethra into a flame thrower.”

~ Tommy Lee on Open Relationships

The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning about a new virulent strain of sexually transmitted disease

This disease is contracted through dangerous and high risk behavior. The disease is called Gonorrhoea Lectim (pronounced "gonna re-elect him"). Many victims have contracted it after having been screwed for the past 4 years, in spite of having taken measures to protect themselves from this especially troublesome disease.

The Joker has got it too.

Cognitive symptoms of individuals infected with Gonorrhe Lectim include, but are not limited to: Anti-social personality disorder traits; delusions of grandeur with a distinct messianic flavor; chronic mangling of the English language; extreme cognitive dissonance; inability to incorporate new information; pronounced xenophobia; inability to accept responsibility for actions; exceptional cowardice masked by acts of misplaced bravado; uncontrolled facial smirking; ignorance of geography and history; tendencies toward creating evangelical theocracies; and a strong propensity for categorical, all-or nothing behaviour, and in extreme cases McGrathasia, an extreme disease first diagnosed in Kelly McGrath that causes its victims too seek out a means to spread the disease to as many others as possible, making the disease very hard to eradicate completely.

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