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“Climate change is awful. It was sunny yesterday but now it's raining!”

~ Oscar Wilde on The climate

“We can't all be pollutin motherfuckers”

~ Richard Pryor on Pollutin

Climate change is what you get when you buy climate from K-Mart. Unfortunately the amount of change when go buying stuff is less than when our grandads are kids. This is because of all the crap we pump out into the atmosphere when we build coal plants, do laps of the local downtown in a red car trying to impress chicks, or breathe out too much. This reacts with the water in the air forming an acid. Acid dissolves metal, which includes the coins we use for money. As coins are dissolved the supply of money is reduced, meaning K-Mart have less money to hand out as change when you go shopping.

The Effects[edit]

Climate change is an undisputable fact. It shows that Earth will either get warmer by at least 0.000000001° Celsius within the next 5,000,000,000 years or warmer by 5,000,000,000° Celsius within the next 0.000000001 years. Also proven is the fact that ocean levels will rise 1 nanometer by the time the Sun explodes. In specific regions (such as Europe), either a new Ice Age will arrive, or extremely hot and moist summers will lead to freak tempests whilst winters will become virtually snow-free. we are in pd1 learning about it ......hmmmm i didnt think we would learn about climate change . now we are stuck learning about it. i think climate change is about this and we are skeptical . wikipedia may be credible but we cannot be sure , we can get in google scholar . cia change it , ashley changes about hip hop

The Solution[edit]

It is widely expected that the criminals responsible for this shambles will be punished by an international tribunal in Copenhagen this December, where many predict an international treaty will be thrashed out banning climate change from ever happening again. laila says that wikipedia is the bomb maaannnn .....god damnnnnn

Side effects of climate change[edit]

Conspiracy Theories[edit]

It is believed that the theory of climate change is being promoted by Coca Cola in order to finally change Santa's stupid outfit that no more has the catch on the youngsters and replace the spirit of Christmas as we know it with a much younger mascot - eventually a female, but market research on this is not yet finished.

The Controversy[edit]

Proponents of climate change, many of whom hail from impartial think tanks such as The Church Of Scientology, The Cult Of Al Gore and Santa Claus, say that climate change will destroy earth, humanity and the entire universe. In response to all this seething controversy, George W Bush has recently ordained a Homeland Climate Chief, who will tell boy-scouts to sometimes extinguish their campfires.

Their claims are disputed by a small number of evil, mad scientists, whom are bent on destroying humanity as we know it. As such the jury is out on Climate change, with people torn between trusting a group of crackpot scientists, or Santa Claus.

Uncyclopeida Bias[edit]

There is some guy named Billy the Kid who edits this page quite a lot. He has an opinion about climate change. Therefore all his edits are biased and not to be trusted.

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