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FUBAR is a term originally coined during the War of 1812, which stands for "Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition". The acronym was later adopted for a variety of uses, the most notably being the name of a 1990's boy band.

It also stands for "Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition". This is used in at least two ways:-- - When someone has soiled his trousers after drinking too much booze - When Mr. Bowdler wants to explain this acronym, he will use the word "fouled" instead of "fucked" especially in the company of women, children and especially the Queen.

History of The Term[edit]

During the War of 1812, General Rick Mercer ordered his troops to take control of a Tim Hortons. The heavily armed coffee outpost proved difficult to take, and many Canadian troops were lost. Once under his control, Mercer began taking advantage of the outpost's supplies. Unfortunately, the soldiers knew only how to shoot muskets, and knew nothing of making coffee and so instead of the double double and apple fritter that he requested, the soldiers brought him a steeped tea and a boston cream doughnut. Distressed by the extreme mixup, Mercer declared that his coffee was "fucked up beyond all reason", and so the name stuck.

After this initial declaration, the troops shortened the phrase to FUBAR and began to use it under a variety of different situations, ranging from culinary, to military and on more than one occasion, the cries of FUBAR were heard yelled from the barracks showers to describe deformities caused by bird shot wounds.

Adoption by Microsoft[edit]

The Vista FUBAR Screen.

As complaints from users of Microsoft windows in regards to the blue screen of death (BSOD) increased, the company decided to address the issue in the first release of their new operating system Windows Vista. Shortly before the systems release, Bill Gates announced that users would now be informed their computer was about to die with a FUBAR screen. In an attempt to distance this screen from the BSOD, software engineers made this screen bright red. Users agreed that this screen was more pleasing to the eye, but provided no more assistance than the BSOD. To solve this problem, Microsoft added instructions on how to proceed from the FUBAR screen. These instructions were straight forward and users agreed they were both realistic and helpful.

Modern Uses[edit]

  1. George Bush after he had too much to drink.
  2. The popular T-Shirt design bearing the clause, "NO FUBAR CHICKS"
  3. Hitler's famous last words, "You know what? YOU take the poison and I'LL shoot myself. I can't bear to think that my last living vision could possibly be my newly wed wife is FUBAR."
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