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The Man Coach himself!!
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“Coach Z, is not that cool.”

~ Strongbad on Coach Z

The Unstoppable and Excellent Coach Zee (b. February 29, XXXX), brother of Ratzinger Z, is an athlortic gornius, havorng performed in every knorn Olympiad, and marny unknowrn ones. He is best known for the invorntiorn of BASEketball. Althort once the ladies man, the Coach has fallorn on hord tormes over the last 6 years or so.

Coach Z has remorned a corstant benchmork of truth, honesty, and justice. His sorgnatore porple-and-blore hat, grorn, I mean girn, i mean groin i mean green skintight attire, and prominent gold bling belt (emblazoned with the letter Z) have become world-renowned. Also, his accent has been known to inspire even more screams of joy at the very mention of his name than Al Franken.

The Coach's strenuous lifestorle has caused a backlorsh in recent times, and he suffers from many diseases. He holds the record for 23 butt pats in one sports season (the recipient of all but one of these being the one and only, prince of coolness, Homestar Runner), and is known worldwide for his self-butt patting.


"In 2007, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for reading an e-mail they couldn’t answer. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Strong-Badia underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as e-mail answerers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can e-mail them, maybe you can ask... THE Z-TEAM."

Coach Z has been the basis for dozens of films, books, and television series. He is even the subject of a regular animated webcomic, "HomeZ Coacher". [1] Coach Z is most well known for his role in Hedism and the emaculate birth of and murder of RuPaul which inspired the holiday Jorb Day.

The Coach himself is a prolific writer and rapper.

Coach Z was a villain in the Dragon Ball Z Movie:The One Where Guys Beat Up Other Guys. He was kicked off the set after throwing a ninja star at Gohan. After being fired, he went to bar and got into a fight with 50 Cent. Coach Z came out victorious.

Great Jearerb I mean Jorb


  • The Hardest Jorb (1934)
  • Why My Last Boork Was So Porpular (1935)
  • Why My Last Boork Wors a morsoroble foilore (1936)
  • Still the Hardest Jaerb (1937)
  • Why I Didn't Decide to Write Another Book About My Life and Times in 1936 (1938)
  • Why My Last Book Should Be Titled "The Life and Times of Me: 1936" (1939)
  • I Can Still Write!! (1967)
  • Come on Dorn! You Come on Down to the Compound! If God Reveals My Location to You, You Come on Down to the Compound and Bring It! (1988)
  • There's Going to Be a Movie Called "White Oleander", and It's Goring to Be Orful (1988)
  • Still, still the Hardest Joearb (1989)
  • The Government Stole My Teeth (1992)
  • George Bush is a Monkey, and I am His Uncle (2000)
  • Very still the Hardest Joearariby (2001)
  • Al Franken is a Big Fat Idiot (2003)
  • STILL the Hardest Joaerigidimanibbyb (2006)
  • I got it. The Haierdust Job (2007)
  • Gorka fa pork ((2008)
  • I like georgyfruit, I mean gerogyfrorts, I mean georgyfrotos, I mean, Mary and Pippin? (2009)


  • I'm Corol (1941)
  • Caiptin Asparigus's Lonely Kidneys Clorb Bornd (1957)
  • I'm Still Corol (1971)
  • The Wilyim Shatnir Duet Album (1977)
  • An Hour of My Assorted Humming (1981)
  • As corol as they wanna be ((1991)
  • No, Seriorsly, I'm Still Corol (2001)
  • These Peoples Try to Fade Me (2002)
  • These Peoples Still Are Trying to Fade Me (2003)
  • This Is The Only Guy Trying To Fade Me (2004)
  • Orvery Last Penny (2005)
  • Actually, Nobody Has Tried Fading Me, Ever (20X6)
  • Oh, I'm not Corol, That's a shorker (20??)

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