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“I ain't no smoking chick, except when it comes to dick!!!

~ Tamia on Cock smoking
A group of turgid, well-hung cocks being smoked.

A cock smoker is a wood or charcoal burning oven used to cook - or smoke - cocks. Using indirect heat, they smoke your cock with a slow and gentle method that, in the end, leaves your cock moist, tender and very flavorful. Adding a variety of hard or soft woods to the fire will impart different flavors. Often unpleasant flavours in the cock are due to plain old dirtiness, so make sure you clean the cock well before you smoke it for a more pleasurable experience. When a cock is being smoked it may ooze a clear milky fluid the flavour of which can be enhanced with cinnamon. But asparagus has a deleterious effect on the flavourful cock juices.

Evidence of the existence of cock smokers predates recorded history. Recently, cave drawings and other artifacts have shown the existence of extensive cock smoking amongst the earliest of the Homo sapien species, the Cro Magnon. This and other evidence leads many anthropologists to believe that man has been smoking cock since the dawn of time.