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Code Geass (Romanji: Code GayAss)(Also know as LeDouche & Friends in certain countries) is a Japanese anime television series, created by the same assholes who brought you Gundam, Sunrise. Directed by Gorō "The Pimp" Taniguchi and scripted by Ichirō "The Hoe" Ōkouchi, both of whom had been in the underground before they invaded Italy. They are famous for the hardly noticed series Planetes. Code Geass, famous for its graphic yaoi scenes, features character designs by the noted all-female mangaka group, Clamp.

The series premiered across Japan on October 5 2006. The next day, the Japanese Stock Exchange crashed, plunging Japan into the 69th recession since 1988.


This series centers around Lelouch Lamperouge, also called Lulu by his friends. His father killed his mother, banished him to Japan, blinded his sister (with his GayAss), and invaded Japan because he though Lelouch was a male prostitute. Then they renamed Japan to "Area 11" because 11 is a prime number, and therefore sucks, and therefore makes the perfect number to call Japan. It is later revealed that Lelouch is not a male prostitute at all, but the Court Gigolo for the Britannian Imperial Family. Such a title allows him to be seventeenth in line for the throne, but he became an emo after being sent to Japan. He eventually settles into a peaceful Japanese life, gaining a reputation as the best pimp in Britannian Tokyo. After a night of crack smoking and picking up bitches, he gained the power of Geass.

Geass is a sexually transmitted disease that often causes red birdlike refractions to appear on the diseased eyes. A common side effect is the power to control people through sexual fantasy, and Lelouch uses it to help him in his quest to destroy Britannia and screw more bitches than his father. To safeguard his reputation as a super-pimp, he uses a mask that looks like a rose and calls himself Zero. His new powers land him in a world of trouble with some other pimps and hoes, including:


Main Characters[edit]

- Lelouch: He's a pimp. We already said that. Kapesh?

- Suzaku Kururugi: Lelouch's childhood friend and son of Japan's last prime minister. Hopelessly in love with the heterosexual Lelouch, he nevertheless pimps for both the Japanese and Britannians. There's some kind of gang war with giant robots going on, and he pilots a white one that looks like a big Tylenol. He is a knight/pimp for:

- Euphemia: Also known as Yuffie, she is one of Suzaku's hoes. She dies. She is known for her pink hair and appetite for crack. After Discovering Suzaku's Gayness, she joins the Al-Qaeda Terrorist Group and runs down at least one million pimps with an M16 before Lelouch play George Bush and saves them by killing her. She is in love with him, but knowing that he is gay for Lelouch, she decides to experiment with other girls, including:

Nina, 0.5 milliseconds after going bat f*** insane.wait...actually, dont look at this, just ignore it.

- Nina: Also known as Racist-chan, she hates the Japanese, for obvious reasons. She is a born again lesbian, getting into some hot situations with Yuffie throughout the story. One of the most famous is when she masturbates to a picture of Yuffie early in the first season,but she got caught by a blind girl.Who would be the most relieved?

- C.C.: (Actually called C2. Who the hell came up with that name?) A mysterious green-haired girl who bestows the power of Geass upon Lelouch under the condition that he would hook her up with The Emperor of Britannia. She becomes one of Lelouch's hoes after he saves her from the hitmen under the control of:

- Orange-kun Boy: Also known as Jeremiah Gottwald, the lord of oranges, the orange emperor, the squisher of one billion oranges, Viletta's orange bitch, and DR. ORANGE, he is Britannia's supreme pimp. After Kallen blows him with her red Guren Mark II, he becomes Orange after having his DNA fused with an orange. With new super pimping powers, he intends to destroy Lelouch...for now...

-Kallen Kozuki: Horny for Lelouch.....but aside from that she helps out the black knghts!

Other people:[edit]

- Kallen Stadtfeld: She's like Asuka from Evangelion, but with half as much bitchiness. She is also the victem of many guys trying to rape her bicause of her good looks adn big tits. She claims to be half Japanese Eleven and that her other name is Kakllen Kouzuki, but that's her being a weeaboo.

- Cornelia: Euphemia's other lesbian girlfriend. Epic catfight between her and Kallen in Episode 12 in Narita.

- Viletta: Dominatrix and Orange-kun's girlfriend.

- Shirley: Lelouch hates her, but uses her for sex. The bastard.

- Clovis: Like Garma Zabi, he gets his just desserts.

- Lloyd: Also known as the Pudding Earl, he gets in bed with both Cecile and Milly. A rival pimp to the throne along with Lelouch and Orange-kun.

- Cecile: Lloyd's bitch. Nuff said.

- Milly: Blonde bombshell, hottest one in the series. I'm watching this show and staring at her ass while I write this article.

- Nunnaly: Lelouch's little sister, who he loves more than all of his other hoes. Yes. He has a lolita complex. Important plot point this is.

Mao, attempting to cut up C.C. again

- Mao: Spy for the Chinese Government. Tortured by the fact that his Geass has gone out of control, he listens to C.C.'s voice all day long on his iPod. Again, more product placement for Apple.

- Schneizel El Britannia: Half German, Half Mexican. Tequila and Pilsner in one drink. That makes one heck of a pimp, the only one in the series who beat Lelouch at pimp chess. Yes, there is a pimp chess. I play it on the computer. No, it's not what you think. Shut the hell up. It's 11PM and I haven't eaten anything since dinner.

- The Emperor of Britannia: Your mom. He rapes his children on a regular basis until they become Commie-hating racist sick fucks.

Pizza Hut[edit]

Due to a cramped budget, Sunrise was forced to whore themselves out to Pizza Hut. Every 5 seconds, there is another Pizza Hut symbol. On every robot, the Pizza Hut logo appears. C.C. can't stop eating Pizza Hut pizza, and is often seen eating it during intercourse. Of course, no one falls for this blatant product placement. Except for the Code Geass Pizza Incident, in which flashing images of pizza in Episode 15 triggered epileptic seizures in 1,337 Japanese Schoolgirls.


  • Code Geass won 1st Place at the Animage Grand Prix in 2007, beating The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya by two rods to the hogshead.
  • Code Geass will premiere on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim in 2008...during the 3:00 AM timeslot.

Other Stuff[edit]