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“When a Mommy element and a Daddy element love each other very much...”

~ Dr. Emmett Brown on Cold Fusion

Cold fusion is to science what free lunch is to J. Wellington Wimpy, who, if you provide him with a hamburger, will gladly repay the cost of it to you the subsequent Tuesday. It is a chemical/atomic reaction in which two elements of legal age sexually join together to produce a baby element, thereby releasing more energy than they put into it. Certainly for the Daddy element, who is basically done and out the door after a couple of quick squirts of Palladium.


While some people (scientists, I suppose you could call them), have shown repeated and improved results from testing, "mainstream" science refuses to acknowledge their data, because, as you all know, mainstream science is just a huge scam run by the Government for a few select cronies who want to keep everything Status Quo, and not threaten the stranglehold Evil Oil Companies have on the planet. Maybe.

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