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A comic duo is a pair of comedians or actors, usually two men, who perform a comedy act in which the entertainment comes as a result of the surprising difference in character between the two men. Typically, a comedy duo consists of a serious or deadpan "straight man" and a ridiculous, energetic "funny man".

Ya got that right, Lewis!


Um, well, yes. Excellent, excellent. However, although their names may suggest so, the "funny man" is not always the one who gets the most laughs; in fact, the straight man's sarcasm or seriousness can also be a cause of laughter.

Ya got that right, Lewis!



The comic duo began in the early 1900s, beginning with jokes that were set up by the straight man, and finished by the funny man with a clever punchline. For example, when the straight man performs an action of some sort, the funny man completes it with some kind of pun or just generally ridiculous comment.

Sir, that's no umbrella! That's my WIFE!


Ahem. Comic duos and the art of film arose at a similar time, so comics adapted by-

Getting funnier!



The comic duo was invented in 1337 by Oscar Wilde in the aftermath of the The GI Joe-Transformers War because of a surprising increase in spinning cats!

Much laughter.


But Oprah did want any of that and so she and an army of Scientologists tried to bring down the comic duo.

More laughter.


Ya got that right, Lewis!

Still more laughter. Knee-slapping ensues.

Yes, well, um, and after Abbot and Costello, comic duos began to take a rise through the 40s and 50s. However, towards modern times, their skill has been decreasing, finally sliding down to me and Thatcher.

No laughter.


In the comic duo, there are four roles, which share no characteristics: the funny man, the straight man, the smart man, and Lewis!


Funny Man[edit]

Well, the funny man is the eccentric, exaggerated character in the comic duo and oftentimes he gets a good laugh out of the audience. However, this comes at a certain expense; the funny man's humor often results out of his own embarrassment and, like Thatcher here, he's portrayed as stupid and simple. And also like in the case of Thatcher, his stupidity goes farther than just skin-deep.

No laughter. Crickets chirp.

The funny man made his debut in 1927, and added so much to the awesome tone of that year which was the best year ever! The first funny man was just This Guy who huffed this kitten and started to say some crazy-ass shit about everything like jews and airplane food. Thus, Jerry Seinfeld was born.


Straight Man[edit]

In sharp contrast to the unbelievably rude and stupid funny man, the straight man is the smart, cultured, and subtle side of the act; intellectuals would choose to laugh at my biting wit and sarcasm, whereas the stupider of you in the audience would laugh at Lewis' antics.

No laughter. An audience member gets up and leaves.

The straight man originated in 2136, and travelled back in time so he could be with the funny man because he was jealous of the funny man's awesomeness. Therefore, he wanted to ruin his act as much as possible and I've been standing up to the straight man ever since.


...Well, thank you, uh, Thatcher, that was...extremely kind. Extremely. I am...ASTOUNDED by your benevolence. Haha. Ha. Ha.

Smart Man[edit]

Well, folks, this section is simple! A smart man is just anyone who's not Lewis!

Much laughter.


Thatcher, did we really have to do this? This section is just no good. You've gone too far.


We already did this section.


More History[edit]

What are you trying to pull, here?


You've always been really


annoying to me, Thatcher, and I'm


sorry we have to do this on stage in front of all these people, but


I just wish you could be


nicer to me, and let me get some

Nicer to me, and let me get some[edit]

laughs once

Laughs once[edit]

in a while!

In a while![edit]

I mean this is what I'm talking about here!