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A term created by Bill Gates when he was very drunk; likewise, the subject itself never got the proper advertising required for it.

With some major research, one may find that a computer driving licence is an ordinary card that one needs to pilot a computer, or simply to be legally able to turn one on. Many computer users do not realize that they do not own such a licence, and are therefore seriously likely to be sued. Yet others have a licence and are oblivious to the fact, which means that all sorts of evil spyware companies will be able to track down their computers and send them to hell, or just get some nice cash off of their unsuspecting backs.

Use for Employers[edit]

The Computer Driving Licence now appears on every Resumé submitted for every job. This is a useful tool for interviewers as it allows the following conversation to take place if the interview is not going well.

"I see you have a Computer Driving Licence. What is that?"

"It's really basic, but the recruitment consultant at school said I needed one or I wouldn't be considered by an employer."

"That's really interesting, but I've no idea what it means. Tell me how you parallel park a computer."

How to check your licence[edit]

To make sure that you have your computer licence, please press Alt+F4 on your keyboard, or browse through the links below.

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