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Computer paper is white paper measuring 8 1/2 x 11 inches, used for copying, printing, and scanning. it is usually put in printers to print material and copy many copies of previsouly printed material.


White computer paper was invented by Bill Gates and Steve Jobs while attending St. Hubert's Private Acaedmy for Talented Special Young Boys Prepatory School, in anticipation of their dreams to grow up and control the world together using computers. A third grade argument between the two regarding who actually thought of the paper led them to break their friendship. Their plans for world domination together have since become separate efforts. To this day, they fight a long, bloody technological war.

The paper has been used ever since for the purpose intended but has been adapted for many other things.

Other Uses[edit]

  • Rolling paper- Middle-class, suburban white kids, when experimenting with weed, often roll their first joints with white computer paper. Recent research by top doctors, however, shows that the paper itself is actually worse for you than weed. Also, reasearch by Cheech and Chong shows that it burns too quickly, therefore "...toasting your pot before you even get to smoke it maaaan."

Paper Smuggling[edit]

Due to its use in the smoking of marijuana many countries have classified it as drug paraphenalia and it has become a controled product. Egypt in particular has completely outlawed paper as an excuse to return to using papyrus.

The culmination of this has lead to a smuggling problem in Egypt. Train engineers crossing in from Libya (paper's biggest supporter), smuggle the paper in and distribute stacks of it to undercover agents. The paper is then distributed to corrupt teachers in Egyptian schools who deal it to their students.

New president Barrack Obama's a view on the subject:

Cquote1.png I believe in the use of computer paper...for offcial...documents of course. Drugs ARE BAD. AND WE HAVE TO BELIEVE that drugs are bad...we will not STOP USING COMPUTER PAPER because of bad drugs. Cquote2.png

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