Concordia University

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Concordia University is the fake name dreamed up by publicists for Discord Univeristy in the heart of the most debauched city in North America, (Montreal)

Discord University features frequent riots, as part of the student life activities by the Dicordant Student Union. Sometimes the organization of discordant life is interrupted by the people hired to pretend to be students and who call themselves the student executive of the student union. They like to swear, piss, and yell at everyone they don't like. Then they go and empty the treasury, to go to New Zealand for a holiday.

Pitched battles between Palestinians and Jews are an everyday occurance at Discord U. However the discordant university administration frowns on firebombs as they cause smoke that does not smell as sweet as a bong. However, this is the tenet behind the "Education in the Real World" motto the school has.

Discord U has lovely professors who like to fake research and shoot people who don't endorse their proposals. Since they don't shoot students, the students could care less who they have to bribe for a grade.

Every five years, an engineering program is decertified, so that it can be cleaned. Students like repeating their entire programs because their courses are all invalidated on their entire student records. This allows the school to advertise about lifelong learning and how many overage students like going to Discord.

Always ranked last in national reviews of universities, Discord always gets back at Maclean's Magazine. They toilet paper the Maclean offices and send burning shit at every door.