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Confusionism is a Japanese religion that started when Mystical Chick made "Confusius say" jokes to her relatives: "Confusius say, tie your shoes. Now, Confusius say bend over backwards and snort apple juice from your drinking straws while praying to your favorite Kami. Confused yet? " Nonetheless to say, this was a hit, because nobody could figure out what Confusius actually said, so they had to accept Mystical Chick's version.

Another body of scholarly opinion maintains that Confusionism is derived from Confusion. Such scholars are, of course, irresponsible cranks. Japan's official religon is Fanatical Extremist Confusionism, which explains why Japan is in fact, completely whacked out - and yet a perfectly coherent, predictable, and understandable country.

Confusionism in China[edit]

A Flag found in Confusionist Churches in China

Confusionism in Vietnam[edit]

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Confusionism in Korea[edit]

Korea was an early retroactive adopter of Confusionism, importing it from China after the aforementioned time-travelling incident perpetrated by those crafty Maoists. It became known in Korea as Neo-Confusionism, named for the teachings of the dumb people in the famous movie Matrix—My Life as a Two-Dimensional Freak.

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