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If you want to know what contempt looks like, try asking one of the beautiful people out on a date and study the expression on their face.

What the fuck are you looking up the meaning of contempt for? You must be some kind of moron if you don't know what contempt means. Go away.

Meaning of contempt[edit]

OK, since you are a persistent idiot, I will explain it to you in little words so that you can understand know what I mean. Contempt is the feeling people get when they encounter meet an utter cretin. It the normal emotional response of superiority better-ness[1] and disdain felt by normal people when they come across a feeble and pathetic loser like you.

A simpleton like you will be familiar with the look of contempt. Contempt is the look of disgust on other peoples faces that has taught you to stop bothering the beautiful and intelligent people with your asinine drivel.

The fear of their contempt and rejection has driven you to become the socially insecure, isolated loner they you are, with nothing better to do with your time than look up the meaning of contempt on an on-line spoof encyclopaedia. I mean what a feeble and pathetic person you must be. I'm glad you avoid going out in public, as just the act of thinking about how stultifyingly stupid and boring you are really turns my stomach.

Feelings of contempt[edit]

I'm sure an individual as feeble minded and abject as yourself will have had few opportunities to experience the feeling of contempt, as there are certainly few people on this earth as tediously witless as you are.

Maybe you felt contempt for the weak, nerdy uncoordinated kid who was last to be picked for school sports, but no, you were probably experiencing relief that it wasn't you for a change.

Beneath contempt[edit]

The ultimate expression of contempt is the complete blank. You know the time you foolishly tried to say hi to one of the cool people, but they completely ignored you, causing you to discover new depths of self pity as their friends all laughed at you.

The ultimate expression of complete contempt happens occasionally when a witlessly uncool idiot like you plucks up the courage to ask a super fit and cool person out on a date only to receive a total blanking in response.


Resentment is the usual response to contempt. Admit it, when superior people show you their contempt, you get all pissy and dwell on the unfairness of it all. Why do the cool people always humiliate you with their open contempt on the rare occasions that they even notice you? I'll tell you why, because they want you to go away.


  1. Oh I give up, I don't know why I am even trying to simplify this for you, you're not even worth the time. Just go away.

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