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Human kingdom of western Faerûn, bordering with Minas Moria to the East, Uzbekistan to the Northeast, the Anauroch Desert to the North, Latveria to the West, and the Edge of the Flatlands to the South.

Principal products include beer, cheese, leather goods, lesbians, ale, salted peanuts, wood, steel armors, chicken wings and stout beer.

In the native Chondathan tongue, Cormyr is known as "Puebla". In most of Faerûn, Cormyr is known as "the Hillbilly Kingdom".

Principal Cities[edit]

  • Suzail (Angelopolis in the Chondathan tongue). Capital of the Kingdom.
  • Arabel (Cholula). Beer capital of the Faerûnian continent.
  • Tilverton (Tehuacan). Now a smoldering crater.
  • Gotham City (Batmania). Home of the semi-annual beer snacks fair.

Cormyrean of note[edit]

  • King Azoun IV, grandfather of current infant King Azoun V and father of Regent Alusair Obarskyr. Led the multi-nation army that defeated the Tuigan Horde of Thrash Metal; defended the country from the "Devil Dragon" Nalavarauthatoryl and then choked to death on a chicken wing at the celebration beerfest.
  • Alusair Obarskyr, the Steel Regent. Daughter of Azoun IV and aunt of Azoun V, for whom he is Regent. Accomplished steel guitar player, formed a duo with her lesbian ex-lover, the bard Storm Silverhand. That didn't go too well and Alusair is now a couple with Royal Magician Caladnei.
  • Fredan Dues Hult. Before his apotheosis as Lord Freak, Fredan was a native, mullet-sporting, Cholulan beet-winemaker.