Corporate wars

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Corporate Wars
Corporate Wars Propaganda
War began: now
War finished: later
Place: all the world
Result: Jeff Gordon and the A-Team team up to defeat MacGyver and Steve Jobs and their evil iCorporation
Impacts of War: Japan sunk into the ocean, Yugoslavia reformed (again), Infinite Mel Gibson spinoffs, etc.
Fighting parties of War
Triple Entente
God (God eliminated in 2391)
Quintuple Alliance
Jeff Gordon Foundation

The saga begins in the year now and are happening as we speak. Battles have been faught on all fronts, including the cold fronts that ravage the northern wastelands. Tactics are very different between the sides with the Triple Entente using a "rush" tactics that they learned from the "zergling rush" in the highly acclaimed game, Starcraft. The Quintuple Alliance, however are using the famed German "Blitzkrieg" tactic. Losses have been high for both armies, but with cloning and cologning technology at never-before-seen levels, the masses of dead bodies can not only be easily replaced, they can smell nice too.

Battles have been faught all over the world, including in the underwater city of Atlantis and New York City. Needless to say, neither side is making any gains. With the name of "Triple Entente," however, the Quintuple Alliance has gained support from the anti-French communities all across the world. Even though this happens to be 95% of the population, the Quintuple alliance can't make any gains. This is mainly due to the fact that the added support also happens to be the fucking laziest 95% of the population.

All of this aside, the main battle tends to be towards the various sectors of the Jeff Gordon Foundation and the Triple Entente.

One battle, the battle for the LAN was won by the Triple Entente due to their 1337 FPS skills. They were covered in win and sauce. The LAN party went well until they played a SWAT game on lockout. The Triple Entente pwn3d the Quintuple Alliance and the battle was won. WoOt!!!!!!eleven

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