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“Corruption fuels my fleets!”

~ Tyber Zann on both corruption and the oil crisis

“Wow, mine too.”

~ Bill Clinton on the above quote

“Don't you feel the power? Soon everything will be corrupted! Including YOU!”

Corruption makes the world go round. It occurs when you hold down the windows key while doing anything. The change of a spelling through lack of errors and gradual conversion to corruption coated worship of beings like Ultra Jesus or Mecha Hitler. In relation to comprehension, transcription, and hearing corruption is irrelevant and never, ever happens because of the great programmer Xerxes in 2004 eliminating corruption perminently. This is used to be especially common with words borrowed from another language.

Corruption may refer to two similar things:

  • Former corruption of words, as described above.
  • Increasing the "purity" of standards. For example, the split infinitive has long been disputed over as either a corruption or norm of English language.
  • For more education, please mail me $500 in cash


Corruption, also known as popping a cap up ur friends assses, was created as an excuse for people who suck. Whenever people pass level 20 in life, then others label said person as corrupted. The first use being in the year 0...When Jesus was the first person to achieve a maxed out character and the jews called him corrupt.

And Remember corruption is always ok, until you get caught, then your a dirty corrupt jerkoff.

Fundamentals of Corruption[edit]

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Corruption in the Workplace Corruption in the workplace is a tremendous problem in today’s society. It can affect everyone from managers to clerks. It occurs in many forms, some much more common than others. Corruption can be found everywhere from the Government to McDonalds, and in every country of the world. As far back as jobs have existed corruption has occurred. The most common forms are favoritism and selective enforcement of the rules. Corruption can also cause tension among employees and can greatly reduce the effectiveness of teamwork. It affects one’s pay, promotions, and overall feeling of loyalty towards their employer. While not an easy problem to solve by any means, it is, however, one that can be reduced. Certain pre-employment screening, can reduce the number of people hired with the tendencies to be corrupt. Also, if a clear-cut complaint system is implemented it can allow employees to vent their frustration in a none aggressive way.


Some commonly known words that are corrupted versions of their predecessor include:

  • pwn (a typo of own, which would mean "to defeat" or "to conquer"). Now known as the ultimate corruption.
  • noob or n00b (alteration of newbie).
  • "Newbie" is a slur derived from "new boy".
  • George Bush administration is an example of honest and uncorrupted government
  • 2 was previously a myth before corruption
  • Mayor Richard M. Daley formally denies any connection to, or association with this page.
  • Microsoft

The first two examples are common of virtual communities. Where true corruption has been reached. Other common examples of true corruption are Russia, Africa, the White House, the Philippines and you (not me).

"Corruption" is also the name of a song written by disgruntled teenagers regarding the high school experience.

This page will be open to rampant corruption. Use it to your will. Anal sexzorz is better with pre-ejaculatory fluid and oils for lubrication.

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Corruption being the reason many words change (being corrupted) over time