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The title card for the series.

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“Watch it! Now, now, now!”

~ Adolf Hilter on this show

“I just wants the chocolate pudding!”

~ Bill Cosby on his craving

“He wants the chocolate pudding!”

~ Captain Oblivious on Bill Cosby's hunger

Cosby & Hitler was a popular sitcom produced by David Kaufmann and Marta Crane on the lives of two average teenagers in college doing average things. Cosby was selected for the main character role as comic relief, and Hitler was selected because when he said he wanted all Jews dead the producers thought he was funny and joking. Sadly he was not, and by season 2 all Jews employed and acting in the movie had met a mysterious death due to random fires on set. To this day no one knows how Hitler set the Jews on fire, but popular theories include that he left money that was drenched in oil in plain sight. The Jews being Jews couldn't resist this money and then proceeded to pick the money up rub it on their face, and then when they attempted to light a cigar- exploded.


Cosby and Hitler are both attending Hillman, a prestigious black college. Hitler attended this school because at the time all other schools were run by Jews, and Hitler hated Jews. Every episode Hitler is studying public speaking and the art of persuasion when Cosby interrupts him asking if he's seen his Chocolate pudding. In order to shut Cosby up Hitler buys him more chocolate pudding at the nearby supermarket. At said supermarket Hitler meets a Jew searching for a bargain on some type of food. Hitler will then be insulted by said Jew regardless of what the Jew has done. Hitler then schemes and figures out a way to take revenge on this cheeky Jew, often involving torture followed by death by fire.


Season 1[edit]

Hitler eating breakfast with Goebbels in the first episode.

During Season one, the show was initially well received by Germans and those who love pudding. At this point in time the show had had 32 Jews in its Cast. By the end of season 1 only 26 remained. Episode 12 of the 14 episode season was pulled from the air when Hitler attacks someone who he mistakes to be a Jew. The character had a big nose as well as achieved an orgasm upon seeing the 75% sale on crackers. It was a mistake anyone could have made. The end of the season saw great ratings and the producers promised a second season.

Season 2[edit]

Season two saw Hitler with amplified aggression towards Jews, as well as Cosby deciding that he liked Banana pudding more than Chocolate. The latter had directly results in the show losing 23% of its following. Hitler's crimes against Jews had escalated in Season 2 after in the show he takes a class on Ancient forms of torture. Hitler now abducted the Jews before he killed them. Once he kidnaps them he forces them to walk long distances without water, Hitler deemed this form of murder much more effective as it saved him money on gasoline and oil. Hitler soon went back to burning his victims once he realized that saving money is a Jew thing. Hitler hates Jew things. Hitler hates Jews. By the end of season 2 only 14 Jews remained. The second season had showed a great following and ratings improved once the producers forced Cosby to begin eating Chocolate Pudding again. The producers promised for a third season.

Season 3[edit]

The third season saw a slight hitch when both main characters were unable to perform on the scheduled time. Cosby had been recovering in a mental institution for his addiction to Chocolate pudding. Hitler had been arrested on suspicion of arson in a case where a warehouse with Jews (that had gathered for a class on saving money) had been set on fire. After a month long delay season 3 went into full throttle. Season 3 had seen more violence against Jews and 52% more chocolate pudding. Things were looking good in season 3 until the 3rd episode where the remaining 14 Jews had all been killed on set. Before the producers had gotten the chance to hire new Jews, Hitler was arrested on counts of conspiracy against the United States. He was soon released once it was realized that it was just against Jews, but then arrested again for assaulting Cosby's Chocolate pudding. He claimed that all pudding should be tall, German, and blond.

Cancellation and Legacy[edit]

Without Hitler the show could no longer go on. But then the producers had a great idea: Make the show about a smart Cosby who eats chocolate pudding. And such the Cosby Show was born as a spin off to the Cosby & Hitler Show. The Cosby and Hitler show still actively ranks as one of the top Anti-Jew shows of all time. The producers of the Cosby & Hitler Show deny that Hitler had been influenced at all by the role he played during the show when he was committing the crimes he had done during the second World War. They still claim to this day that those 32 Jews who had died on set was a complete accident and proves nothing about how violent and crappy the show was. They did win an Emmy though...


  • Hitler: The Anti-Jew room mate of Cosby. While he may hate Jews he had always had a soft spot for all blonds, especially if they were German. Aged 19 at the start of the series and ends at age 22. Present in series from season 1-3.
  • Cosby: The intriguing nigger African of the show. In most episodes he just can't find his pudding and begs Hitler to buy him some more. Cosby claims that his role in this show was pivotal in his acting career's success. Aged 23 in the series and ends at age 26. Present in series from season 1-3.
  • Random Jew Character of the episode: Every episode a Jew character would piss Hitler off with his very Resistance. Normally the Jew would do or ask something pretty normal like "Where's the bathroom?". Somehow this simple question would enrage Hitler so much that he have the desire to murder this character and by such doing this world a favor.

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