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Cos is encouraged heavily in the Bible. It is the opposite of sin which is all the bad stuff God hates. God's views on cos and sin have greatly affected the progression of trigonometry in mathematics. Long viewed as immoral, trigonometry is now used by some Christians. However, all modern day Christian mathematicians refuse to use sin in their calculations as a matter of principle. This limits them to the use of cos and tan only. This problem however is generally only minor, as sin(x) can be rewritten as cos(x)*tan(x), thus eliminating any ethical and moral dilemmas.

1/Cos = Secant.Which basically means that Cos is Secant's bitch or vice versa (1/Secant = Cos)

It's formula is known as CAH which stands for Create Another Hallucination.

It's also short for because,cos you know cos is short for because.