Cotton gin

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Cotton gin, is, quite simply, a clear alcoholic liquid derived from the cotton plant, more specifically the boll. What makes cotton gin extraordinary is its peculiar ability to both quench and create thirst at the same time. In fact, the more cotton gin a person drinks, the more "cottonmouthed" they become, until they risk complete dehydration. This cotton gin and tonic creates and quenches thirst at the same time.

In 1946 in the United States, cotton gin was outlawed by a consortium of 46 states after several people died from extreme dehydration during a ST. patricks day party. They apparently each drank nearly a gallon of cotton gin, starving their brains of water. Eli Whitney was the first person to die from this extrodinary messed up non-fictional accident.

While cotton gin has found industrial applications in drying out objects soaked by floods, bootleg cotton gin for consumption can still be purchased illegally in South Carolina and Tennessee, and remains a problem on college campuses, it can even be sold in the black market for a very valualbe price.