Count of Monte Cristo

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The Count of Monte Cristo is a clever multi-disciplined novel written by Alexandre Dumas. Why so is that he also wrote the Three Musketeers and so there is some mathematics other than literature skills involved. The long and complex plot involves some algebraic calculations. Since their tagline is "All for One and One For All" the reader has to expect a lot of solidarity among the weaker sex. This particular novel has also violent material as well as sporadic adultery that has become the template for Hollywood centuries later. It is also set in very romantic times where feudalism has created Prince Charmings and damsels in duress.

This is the Count when he was a cartoon

The Beginning[edit]

Edmond Dantes enters the first scene with multiple hats: as sailor, fiancee, friend, conspiracy victim, and handsome guy that damsels fantasise about. So did Napolean, Emperor of France. Since their horrible liaison evoke a lot of jealousy from the others, many of the algebraic calculations come into play where Edmond ended up as a convict in the Prison of Arkaban caused by some passport mixup at the Venice Seaport.

Calculated Escape[edit]

His long years of solitary confinement caused the seeds of vengence to grow. A priest in the next cell teaches him literature, and economics . At this point algebra stops and some advanced Quantum Mechanics are introduced to allow Dantes not only to escape the prison, but swim to safety and fight a pirate colony, and immediately obtain a male slave. This is where it would have been more interesting if it was a female slave but France has not discovered BDSM yet at that time. *sigh*

With his new companion, he found the treasure the priest revealed to him before he passed on. Endowed with binominally calculated wealth, Dantes applied with the Inland Revenue to change his name to the title of this article.

Revenge as Always[edit]

This is where mathematics meet sheer vengeance. The Count began counting the ways he would skin his enemies while they are still eating. Now he knows who has conspired against him. It is certainly not Simon Cowell but more like the many faced Michael Jackson. Hollywood began to take notice and watched the ensuing plot closely.

Soon Dantes I mean The Count (see? I even lose count!) throw a huge Republican Party and made some of the guys to lose their damsels and the damsels to lose their innocence. There are so many delegates in the convention hall with so many different topics to speak on, that Leonardo Da Vinci has to return to Venice and finish his painting in coded messages.

Soon the killings began and one by one Dantes enemies fall. It is also made possible due to the decisions made by the author.

About the Author[edit]

Alexandre Dumas lives in a time where there was no pornography and internet and so have to write to impress the ladies as shown by his choice of debonair and chivalry in the characters he painfully described throughout the pages. He is suing Walt Disney for plagiarising his stories for the movies and not paying him a single dime of royalty. In fact this lawsuit is where the term 'royalty' was first introduced.

Alexander Dumas died in 1870 but made it clear that he will attend the court hearings whenever they have cleared the backlog on the Guantanamo Bay trials. He can be reached at the adventure section of the Vatican City library.