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6yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyx sssssssssssssssssssssveibbn` The countless millions is a group of activists raising awareness about universal suffrage. Ha ha, just kidding, that already happened. Or did it?


It has been rumored that the countless millions number between 1 million and 999 million. This is a false misconception (or is it a true misconception?), as they might also number into the 999,999,999 range. Mathematicians the world over marvel at this revelation. I broke my calculator trying to figure this out. Damn nazis. Ruin math too.

The countless millions are composed mainly of men, women, children, and transspecied dolphins. While it is difficult to determine whether a man, woman, or child is part of the countless millions, one can easily spot a transspecied dolphin by simply gauging its intelligence.

Over 94% of the countless millions, however many that may be, are aware that they are part of the prestigious group. Over 100% of the countless millions assume they are part of the group, because they are self-important and would think nothing otherwise. Us 94 laugh at them. Ha ha ha... am I a part of the group?


This is probably the dude in your closet.

The countless millions can be located everywhere. They could be at the mall, buying things, or maybe clogging the public toilets. That's usually a good bet. They could also be hiding in your closet, waiting to kill you. That's usually a bad bet, and you should run as soon as possible. Before you run, though, please knock on the closet door and ask what he's waiting for. I'd be curious to know. Thanks.

Anti-Countless Millionists[edit]

Certain people, wars, and battles have threatened to destroy countless millions, including Hitler, World War one, world war two, The American Civil war, Timothy McVeigh, and a random psychopathic person in overalls who resides next door to your house. Needless to say, movements have been taken to prevent countless millions from being killed off, such as acts against nuclear war, antibiotics, acts against drunk drivers, and a recently created bill stating that "countless millions must wait 30 minutes after eating before swimming."